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For Shohei Ohtani, it’s about wanting to win a certain way

You listened it when Japanese ball star Shohei Ohtani sensitive a New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox he wouldn’t pointer with them. You listened it again Friday when Ohtani motionless to pointer with a Angels instead of a Dodgers or Chicago Cubs.

Doesn’t Ohtani wish to win?

Of march he does. He usually wants to do it a certain approach — his way, as a two-way player.

He is a singular actor — no one else an chuck a fastball 100 mph and also strike tape-measure home runs. He did that in Japan; he wants to uncover he can do that here. He sealed with a Angels since he thinks they can assistance him comprehend that vision.

Major League Baseball.”

It wasn’t for money. The Angels are approaching to compensate Ohtani a $2.315-million signing bonus, many of that they acquired within a final week around trades. They will also send a $20-million posting price to a Nippon-Ham Fighters, Ohtani’s former Japanese team.

For a initial 3 years here, he is guaranteed to make no some-more than a vital joining minimum: about $545,000.

When Ohtani announced final month that he was withdrawal Japan, he spoke of a tiny organisation of people who believed he could be a two-way actor when he was drafted by a Fighters, as good as a fans who upheld his efforts.