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For Weinstein, a Brush With a Police, Then No Charges

In a end, a Manhattan district attorney, Cyrus R. Vance Jr., announced he would not press charges. Once a rapist case was closed, Mr. Weinstein silenced Ms. Battilana with a estimable payment.

The box demonstrates how Mr. Weinstein, with plenty supports and influence, was means to arrange a counterstrike opposite a sex crime review regulating a weapons accessible to a powerful. It also highlights a hurdles such cases pose, even for a vaunted Manhattan district attorney’s office, done famous by a radio uncover “Law Order.”

Little of what happened in a box emerged before this month, when The New York Times reported claims of rampant passionate harassment and neglected touching by Mr. Weinstein, and The New Yorker reported passionate attack allegations — as good as a audio recording of a hotel confront with Ms. Battilana. Since then, a New York military have begun looking into an actress’s explain that Mr. Weinstein intimately assaulted her in TriBeCa in 2004. On Sunday, a military pronounced detectives were doubt several other new allegations done in new days.

The London military are also doubt complaints opposite Mr. Weinstein: A lady came brazen over a weekend observant that he had intimately assaulted her 3 times there between 2010 and 2015, and officers in Merseyside, England, referred them to a passionate attack explain from a 1980s.

British custom dictates that suspects are not identified until rigourously charged, though a London military matter on a accusations expelled on Sunday was sent in response to a Times exploration about him. The British news media, including a BBC, reported that he was a theme of a investigation.

Mr. Weinstein has regularly denied “any allegations of non-consensual sex.”

As some-more and some-more women have come brazen with accusations, and open snub has grown, those in a New York Police Department and a Manhattan district attorney’s business have blamed any other for a disaster to prosecute Mr. Weinstein in 2015.

Mr. Vance, who is using unopposed for a third term, pronounced a justification was not clever adequate to win a conviction, notwithstanding a audio recording. “If we had a box that we felt we could prosecute — that my experts felt we could prosecute — we would have,” he said.


Ambra Battilana in 2013, when she testified in a hearing of a former Italian primary apportion Silvio Berlusconi. In 2015, she pronounced that Mr. Weinstein had groped her.

Pier Marco Tacca/Getty Images

Prosecutors resolved Ms. Battilana would have been a cryptic declare given she had given them changeable accounts of her prior passionate attack censure in Italy, 3 officials informed with a review said, vocalization on a condition of anonymity to plead a sealed case. Mr. Vance’s assistants also feared they could not infer that Mr. Weinstein had overwhelmed Ms. Battilana for passionate reasons given a allege came as they were deliberating her enterprise to be a slip indication and either her informed seemed to be surgically enhanced.


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While military officials concurred that prosecutors would be hard-pressed to win a conviction, they suspicion a fasten recording of a sell during a hotel was sufficient to detain him on third-degree passionate abuse, a bungle that carries a limit of 3 months in jail. “We brought them a unequivocally good case,” pronounced a comparison military official, vocalization on a condition of anonymity to plead an review that was sealed though charges being filed. “He admitted, twice, doing it. That’s illusive means to make an arrest.”

A Model’s Encounter

Ms. Battilana, a finalist in a Miss Italy pageant, held Mr. Weinstein’s eye during a accepting for a uncover he was producing during Radio City Music Hall. He told her she looked like a singer Mila Kunis and invited her to move her displaying portfolio to his business during a Tribeca Film Center.

When she arrived during his office, an partner showed her a promotional video about his celebration association before ushering her into his office, pronounced Mark Jay Heller, a counsel who fast represented a indication in a rapist case.

They took a chair on a couch, and Ms. Battilana began display Mr. Weinstein her displaying photos on a inscription mechanism as they discussed a probability of her operative as a slip model, according to a comment she after gave police. When a subject incited to either her breasts looked real, Mr. Weinstein lunged brazen and grabbed them. She protested and pushed his hands away, though Mr. Weinstein was persistent, putting his palm adult her dress and seeking to lick her, a military news says.

Ms. Battilana reported a confront to military within hours of withdrawal Mr. Weinstein’s office, and fast detectives from a Special Victims Unit were brought into a investigation. The indication was going over a sum of her explain with them when her phone rang. It was Mr. Weinstein, seeking to accommodate her for a drink, and a investigators seized a moment, murmur to her to accept an invitation to see him a following night during a bar of a TriBeCa Grand Hotel. They would fit her with a recording device.

Mr. Weinstein showed adult during a bar a subsequent night clearly fervent for a reunion, according to a audio recording. He had no suspicion that a TriBeCa Grand, that has given been renamed a Roxy Hotel, was brisk with clandestine detectives.

Mr. Weinstein invited her adult to his room, observant he indispensable to take a shower, a military said. Ms. Battilana went upstairs, though refused to enter a room. In a moving sell in a hallway, she asked him since he had overwhelmed her breasts a day before.


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As his tinge grew belligerent, a detective, endangered for Ms. Battilana’s safety, intervened. Pretending to be a contributor from TMZ, he aloud badgered Mr. Weinstein for an interview, causing adequate of a stage for Mr. Weinstein to shelter from a hallway, investigators said.

Once they were behind downstairs, Ms. Battilana slipped out a side door, and Mr. Weinstein was once again confronted by a detective. This time, a investigator done it famous he was from law enforcement, and that a military wanted to pronounce to him.

Undermining an Accuser

Mr. Weinstein, 65, had faced allegations of passionate bungle before, a investigations by The Times and The New Yorker found, though this was a initial time military were famous to have been involved. The Times found that in during slightest 7 other cases, he had sensitively done payments to womanlike accusers in sell for their silence, effectively preventing them — and their accusations — from rising in a open eye.

Mr. Weinstein, who is married with 5 children, concluded to go to a military hire for questioning, though as shortly as a groping explain came up, he halted a pronounce and asked for a lawyer, a military said.


Mr. Weinstein during a Cannes Film Festival. He faces a flourishing series of accusations of passionate nuisance and assault.

Yann Coatsaliou/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images

The indictment came during a time when his unsatisfactory association was in talks to sell a radio multiplication to ITV, and he was entrance underneath ascent inspection from a board.

The day after a prick operation, Ms. Battilana hired Mr. Heller, a splashy counsel who had represented Lindsay Lohan and other celebrities. She met with him during his townhouse on Park Avenue that Sunday wanting to pull brazen with a rapist case, he said.

“She felt reduced to dirt, that somebody would have such low honour for her, that they would control themselves like that,” Mr. Heller said. “She was unequivocally dynamic to have her day in court.”

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Mr. Weinstein, meanwhile, seemed dynamic to stay as distant divided from probity as possible. He denied any indiscretion and fast defended Elkan Abramowitz, a former law partner of Mr. Vance, as good as Daniel S. Connolly, another former prosecutor incited white-collar invulnerability lawyer.

Linda Fairstein, a former Manhattan sex crimes prosecutor who had once created an essay in Vanity Fair about her dream of doing a film understanding with Mr. Weinstein, concluded to consult. She was a tighten crony of Martha Bashford, conduct of a district attorney’s sex crimes bureau, and facilitated an introduction for Mr. Abramowitz. It was, she said, a form of thing she does for associate lawyers.


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“Calling Ms. Bashford to tell her who Elkan was and to ask her to cruise assembly with him is a kind of thing we do 4 to 6 times each year,” pronounced Ms. Fairstein, who pronounced she had dynamic Ms. Battilana’s censure was unfounded.

Ms. Bashford declined a ask for an interview.

Private investigators fast went to work collecting annals from dual cases in Italy involving Ms. Battilana. As a teenager, she had done a passionate nuisance censure opposite a 70-year-old man, though after declined to concur with prosecutors, law coercion officials said. Then, in 2011, she had testified for a charge during a hearing of Silvio Berlusconi, a former Italian primary apportion who was charged with abusing his energy and with condescending an underage prostitute. Ms. Battilana described a sex celebration with teenage girls during his residence in that she had refused to attend in licentious acts. On cross-examination, she denied a contribution in a prior sworn confirmation about a comparison man, suggesting a counsel had created it.

The successful open family strategist, Ken Sunshine, famous for his bare-knuckled tactics, put out statements on Mr. Weinstein’s behalf. And a tabloids ran stories suggesting she was offered her story for $100,000 and had attempted use a groping explain to extort him. Mr. Weinstein planted stories to boar doubts about her credibility, pronounced someone informed with a efforts who spoke on a condition of anonymity.

“These forms of matters are deliberate in dual forums; one is a probity of law, though substantially a some-more critical forum is a probity of open opinion,” pronounced Mr. Heller, who represented Ms. Battilana for a few days before being transposed by another lawyer, David Godosky. “They attempted to spin an opinion in probity of open opinion in a approach that would mangle her down and make her go away.”

Mr. Sunshine said, “I definitely repudiate carrying anything to do with planting stories on anyone.”

Declining to Prosecute

Days after a confront during a TriBeCa Grand, a detectives brought a district profession what they deliberate to be a box wrapped adult with a bow, military officials said.

It arrived several years after Mr. Vance had drawn critique for a approach he rubbed a box involving another absolute man, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, a handling executive of a International Monetary Fund, who was indicted of passionate attack of a hotel lassie in 2011. Mr. Vance primarily seemed vigilant on charging Mr. Strauss-Kahn, though a review fell apart after prosecutors detected justification undermining a woman’s credibility.

In a box of Mr. Weinstein, military recording apparatus had failed, though Ms. Battilana had prisoner a whole review on her telephone, including his acknowledgment that he had grabbed her breasts, investigators said. Security cameras had held video of Ms. Battilana withdrawal Mr. Weinstein’s business looking distraught, they said. The military saw it as some-more than adequate to aver an arrest.


Cyrus R. Vance Jr., a Manhattan district attorney, pronounced he took a recommendation of a arch of his office’s sex crimes business in not filing charges opposite Mr. Weinstein.

Victor J. Blue for The New York Times

But prosecutors were unhappy in a calm of a audio recording, 3 officials informed with a review said, vocalization on a condition of anonymity to plead a sealed investigation. The military had changed fast though giving them an event to assistance drive a privately available confront with Mr. Weinstein, these officials said.


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Police officials denied this, observant Ms. Bashford, a prosecutor, was kept in a loop all weekend. “Why would we not call about Harvey Weinstein?” a comparison military central who suspicion a box was clever said.

Ms. Battilana had gotten Mr. Weinstein to acknowledge that he had overwhelmed her breasts, though she had not brought adult her explain that he put his palm adult her skirt. Prosecutors saw this as a problem, a officials said.

Ms. Bashford met with Mr. Weinstein’s lawyers on 3 apart occasions, with Mr. Weinstein benefaction during one of a meetings. The invulnerability group claimed that he had overwhelmed her breasts for a legitimate reason — to see if they were genuine for a functions of a slip announcement — and denied that he had overwhelmed her thighs.

To infer passionate abuse or influential touching in New York State, prosecutors indispensable to infer a ground was passionate benefit or to disparage a victim, and had Mr. Weinstein certified he slid a palm adult her skirt, it would have been unquestionably sexual, a officials said.

The invulnerability lawyers also brought to Ms. Bashford’s courtesy Ms. Battilana’s sworn statements in Italy, arguing they suggested she was not credible, dual people with believe of a meetings said, vocalization on a condition of anonymity to plead private conversations.

Ms. Bashford interviewed Ms. Battilana during slightest 4 times, dire her on her story, a officials said. During those meetings, she disavowed a sworn statements she had done in a Berlusconi trial, as good as her confirmation about a prior passionate assault, they said.

By Apr 10, 2015, Ms. Bashford had reached a end she could not infer each component of a crime with a justification she had.

Mr. Vance pronounced he discussed a box with Ms. Bashford and his arch partner during slightest 3 times and finally supposed Ms. Bashford’s recommendation to dump a case. “I didn’t have any pushback on Martha’s opinion, aware that Martha has larger imagination in sex crimes than we do,” he said.


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But as some former prosecutors see it, Mr. Vance could have changed brazen with a case. “The suspicion that Weinstein’s rapist vigilant was unprovable given of his settled ‘professional need’ to privately check her breasts doesn’t pass a giggle test,” pronounced Mark Bederow, a former Manhattan prosecutor who is now a invulnerability lawyer.

With a rapist box behind him, Mr. Weinstein changed brazen with a private allotment with Ms. Battilana. He paid her a large sum, according to dual people informed with a trusted payment. In exchange, she done a legally contracting guarantee to never pronounce of their confront again.

Ms. Battilana, who declined an pronounce request, recently told Italy’s La Repubblica journal that she struggled to get work after a box was over and that a conform universe sealed a doors on her.

“What happened to me unequivocally put my perspective of a universe to a test,” she said.

With a inundate of accusers entrance forward, she pronounced she hoped that it “will move me justice.”

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Article source: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/10/15/nyregion/harvey-weinstein-new-york-sex-assault-investigation.html