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Former Angels and Dodgers pitcher Dan Haren opens adult about a middle misunderstanding that led to his retirement from baseball

Dan Haren steady a protocol after a miserable outings, and during a final 4 years of his ball career a miserable outings became too countless to count. He trudged off a pile and by a dugout, broke by a reassurances from teammates, so he could find his phone in a hall and content his wife, Jessica.

I quit, Haren would write after games for a Angels or a Dodgers or whoever employed him.

I don’t wish to do this anymore.

I’m ill of a stress.

I quit.

I quit.

The integrate met when they were in college, before ball done Haren a millionaire several dozen times over and afterwards scarcely consumed him. As a years upheld and his talent waned, Haren gulped Imodium to settle his roiling stomach before he pitched. After a bad start on a road, he’d strike a lights in his hotel room and splash red booze in a darkness, anticipating he would nap until noon.

“I was always on a verge of wanting to retire,” he said. “Because we never wanted to get released, only for a annoyance of it, and how tough that would be to tell my mother and my parents. . . . we never wanted anyone to feel bad for me.”

At first, Jessica reacted to a postgame texts with incredulity. But they kept coming, and her answers changed. She urged her father to use perspective. There was some-more to life than baseball, she reminded him.

Haren did not quit, yet he threatened to when a Dodgers traded him dual winters ago. He finished his agreement and late after a 2015 season. His career afforded him financial security. His exit authorised him to whisper after some-more than a decade engulfed by stress.

One day final week, Haren walked into a grill in Irvine for lunch. He attended La Puente Bishop Amat High and Pepperdine, and he resides in Orange County. In a morning, he went to earthy therapy for his behind and his hip. In a afternoon, he indispensable to collect adult his daughter during school. In between, during an hour-long conversation, Haren authorised an insinuate peek into his profession.

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Several times during a interview, he stressed his skip of seductiveness in empathize or “the Dan Haren moan story.” But he did open adult about opening anxiety, a durability outcome of his injuries and a service of retirement. His multiple of amusement and fairness endeared him to fans on amicable media, though he is reticent about apropos a radio researcher or a radio personality.

“I do skip baseball,” Haren said. “But we watch reduction ball than we suspicion we would. It’s on during a house, though I’m not vital and failing with it.”


The arc of Dan Haren’s career altered on a use pile during Kauffman Stadium in Kansas City on Jun 1, 2011. He played locate that morning with associate Angel Jered Weaver, who accompanied him to a bullpen event afterward.

Nationals had won a multiplication pretension a deteriorate before and Haren felt like “the final nonplus piece.” Instead, with his fastball averaging reduction than 90 mph, he served adult homers during an shocking rate — 28 in 169 2/3 innings. The bar placed him on a infirm list that Jun with a shoulder injury, though mostly since of his 6.15 ERA during a time.

Haren felt removed and ashamed, worried display adult for work. He hated when players offering condolences. At times he ducked inside a team’s hyperbaric chamber, not even branch a appurtenance on, listening to podcasts about “anything though baseball,” he said.

Andrew Friedman, a Dodgers’ new boss of ball operations, traded Haren to Miami. Haren did not wish to go, and educated his agents to widespread a story about his considering retirement.

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