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Former Fox News horde says son died from an overdose. Doctors found a brew of drugs in his system.

In this 2015 record photo, co-host Eric Bolling appears on “The Five” radio module on a Fox News Channel in New York. (Richard Drew/AP)

For a second time in reduction than dual months, former Fox News horde Eric Bolling common news of a family tragedy on Twitter.

In early September, Bolling wrote that his usually child, 19-year-old Eric Chase Bolling, had died, with “details still unclear” though authorities observant there was “no pointer of self harm.”

On Thursday, Bolling wrote that he had “just perceived some comfortless news from Coroner in Colorado” — that his son’s genocide had been ruled an random overdose “that enclosed opioids.” In a second tweet that enclosed a print of his son, Bolling wrote: “We contingency quarrel opposite this inhabitant epidemic, too many trusting victims.”

The central means of genocide was churned drug intoxication, including heroin and fentanyl, according to a news recover from a Boulder County Coroner. The genocide was an accident.

The news came on a same day that President Trump called a opioid widespread a “worst drug predicament in American history” and pronounced his administration was dogmatic a open health emergency.

“As Americans, we can't concede this to continue,” Trump pronounced in a speech from a White House East Room. “It is time to acquit a communities from a flay of drug addiction. We can be a era that ends a opioid epidemic. We can do it.”

He added, “If we can learn immature people — and people, generally — not to start, it’s really, unequivocally easy not to take them.”

Despite Trump’s call to action, critics questioned a merits of Trump’s debate given that it did not embody an evident ask to Congress for puncture funding.

“America is hemorrhaging lives by a day since of a opioid epidemic, though President Trump offering a nation a Band-Aid when we need a tourniquet,” pronounced Sen. Edward J. Markey (D-Mass.). “Today’s proclamation is zero some-more than a dog-and-pony uncover in an try to denote a Trump administration is not ignoring this crisis.”

Boulder Police Sgt. Nick Smetzer pronounced that on a dusk of Sept. 8, police found Eric Scott Bolling after officers responded to a call for an “unintended death.” The 19-year-old was listed on his Facebook page as carrying studied economics during a University of Colorado Boulder.

The genocide came hours after Fox News announced a network had motionless to partial ways with Bolling. In August he was suspended after a news that he sent licentious texts to womanlike co-workers during a network. Bolling had been a co-host of a weekday module “The Specialists” and a former co-host of “The Five.” Bolling was also among a call of Fox employees accused of inapt passionate function after Fox pennyless a attribute with Roger Ailes, a network’s longtime chairman.

The HuffPost reported that 3 stream and former womanlike colleagues indicted Bolling of promulgation them a messages. Fox News afterwards launched an review and dangling Bolling, until strictly disjunction ties with him on Sept. 8.

Earlier this week, Bolling had sparred with Bill O’Reilly — another Fox News horde during a concentration of passionate nuisance allegations — over O’Reilly’s anxiety to Bolling’s son’s genocide in an talk with a New York Times. The interview, segments of that were aired on an part of “The Daily” podcast, enclosed O’Reilly propelling Times reporters to cruise a consequences of their stating on O’Reilly’s children. O’Reilly reached a $32 million allotment with a former network analyst, a Times reported.

“I titillate we to consider about what we put in your newspaper,” O’Reilly said. “Eric Bolling’s son is dead. He’s passed since of allegations done — in my opinion and we know this to be loyal — opposite Mr. Bolling.”

Bolling fast responded in a matter saying, “I trust it is over inapt for anyone to move in a comfortless genocide of my son Eric Chase Bolling. Just as Bill O’Reilly had wanted to defense his children from a allegations opposite him, we wish he will respect my ask and equivocate any destiny mentions of my son.

“My interruption from Fox News was in no approach connected to a comfortless news of my son’s passing,” he continued. “The coroner has in fact indicated to us that they trust it was an accident.”

In a tweet, O’Reilly apologized to Bolling, observant “the summary we attempted to send was that allegations mistreat kids. Nothing more.”

“Thanks Bill,” Bolling responded. “Apology accepted.”

Danielle Paquette and Jenna Johnson contributed to this report.

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