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Former Guam proprietor travels world, shares beauty on amicable media

With an eagerness for transport and exploration, Lishen Ye is holding globe-trotting to another turn and holding viewers along with him. 

The 22-year-old traveler visits several places and captures them in possibly still shots or videos to share with his thousands of followers. Ye has over 7,000 supporters on Instagram and over 2,000 subscribers on Youtube.

Ye grew adult on Guam in Tamuning, though changed to Hawaii in 2011. Looking by his photos, supporters can see how he captures a beauty of any place he has visited. 

Ye can be found on Instagram as @liishenn or on Youtube as Lishen at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZvj8sW0sZTBj7l9rmdUErQ . Get to know Ye some-more with a QA below.

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Q: What do we do for a living?

A: I’m a transport journey photographer/videographer

Q: How did your seductiveness in photography and videography start?

A: Growing adult we desired examination cinema with special effects, and we would watch tutorials on how to revise videos as a kid. When high propagandize came, we fell in adore with photography from holding photos on my iPhone. we was unequivocally ardent about it, so we knew we had to collect adult a camera and learn.

Q: Did flourishing adult on Guam change it in anyway?

A: Definitely, we didn’t unequivocally spend many time outdoors, and Guam doesn’t have dramatic landscapes, so when we started traveling, I’m always in astonishment and wanting to constraint visuals that’ll enthuse others to transport as well.

Q: When did we start transport videos? And are those a form of videos we primarily wanted to do?

A: Since a beginning. Traveling is fascinating, and we would watch a lot of transport films. People were doing it for a living. If people can transport and emanate visuals during a same time, we wish to as well.

Q: What desirous we to start your Youtube channel and your Instagram page?

A: Ben Brown, a transport filmmaker and vlogger on YouTube and an implausible photographer. He is my (number) 1 inspiration and a reason since we started.

Q: Do we have a set account or storyline we follow with your videos?

A: It unequivocally depends on what I’m perplexing to emanate or wish to create. If there’s a story to it, afterwards definitely.

Q: Do we transport and take videos, or do we transport to make videos?

A: we wish to contend both. A lot of times we usually wish to transport and constraint anything that happens during a trip. If there’s a story we wish to tell or place we wish to share, we would transport for it.