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Former Vanderbilt football actor convicted of rape

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — A jury has convicted a former Vanderbilt football actor on all depends after anticipating that he speedy his teammates to rape an comatose lady he had been dating. It took jurors a small some-more than 4 hours of concern before anticipating Brandon Vandenburg guilty on 5 depends of aggravated rape and dual depends of aggravated passionate battery. In addition, he was convicted of one count of wrong photography.

Vandenburg’s mom cried in a courtroom Saturday after a outcome was read. He seemed to be tears as he was taken away.


The outcome comes amid a anger over a six-month judgment a former Stanford swimmer was given for intimately assaulting an comatose woman. It also comes during an ongoing discuss about passionate assaults on a nation’s college campus and a control of tyro athletes.

The lives of everybody concerned have been ruined, Deputy District Attorney General Tom Thurman pronounced of a case. He pronounced he hoped a widespread broadside surrounding a Vanderbilt box would send a message.

The jurors in a this box had to confirm either to reason Vandenburg, 23, criminally obliged for what teammates were indicted of doing to a womanlike tyro in a dorm room in Jun of 2013.

His invulnerability had confirmed that he was dipsomaniac and should not be hold obliged for what players he didn’t even know did to a woman.

Four former players were all charged in a box though usually dual were indicted of raping and intimately assaulting a woman.


Throughout a trial, Vandenberg was portrayed as a male who disregarded a womanlike student’s trust by plying her with ethanol and afterwards enlivening teammates to intimately attack her.

“He served her adult to 3 strangers — for whatever reason, it doesn’t matter, is that he did it,” Assistant District Attorney Jan Norman told jurors in shutting arguments Saturday.

Prosecutors told jurors that he upheld out condoms to a other players, videoed a rape and sent footage to friends as it was happening.

The invulnerability had confirmed that Vandenberg was a newly-arrived partisan to a Nashville propagandize and had asked teammates outward a dorm to assistance him lift a comatose lady into his room after he couldn’t get her into her apartment. Vandenberg’s lawyers told jurors a other players were on a lady as shortly as they got her in a room.

The hearing featured striking videos and photos that were taken from a players’ dungeon phones.

“The videos are disturbing,” Albert Perez, one of Vandenberg’s attorneys, told jurors in closing. “They make we mad, they make we sad.” But Perez forked out that a sex acts charged in a complaint were for things a other players did.

The plant in a case, who was afterwards a 21-year-old neuroscience major, testified that she had no memory of a event. She pronounced Vandenburg would after tell her that she had gotten dipsomaniac and ill and he took caring of her, and she was broke as a result. Prosecutors have suggested that she was underneath a change of a date-rape drug.

Nashville military became concerned after Vanderbilt officials contacted them when confidence camera footage during a propagandize showed players carrying an comatose lady in a dorm room.

Vandenburg and Cory Batey were convicted final year on mixed depends of aggravated rape and aggravated passionate battery. The verdicts, however, were thrown out after it was suggested that a juror had not disclosed that he had been a plant of orthodox rape.

Batey was convicted again in April. Both he and Vandenburg face a smallest judgment of 15 years in jail for aggravated rape with no probability of parole.

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