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Former WWE Star Matt Cappotelli Dies After Battle with Cancer: He ‘Went Home to Be with Jesus’

Former WWE star Matt Cappotelli has died after a year-long conflict with cancer. He was 38.

Cappotelli was diagnosed with a mind expansion on Jun 27, 2017, according to a blog post created by his mother Lindsey Cappotelli.

Lindsey common a news of her husband’s genocide on Friday in a Facebook organisation dedicated to him.

“Hey Team Capp…I’ve been struggling with what to contend and how to contend this, and I’ll substantially finish adult rambling, though here goes,” she wrote.

“Today my love-my strong, sweet, pleasing love-took his final exhale during 3:30 a.m. and went Home to be with Jesus…exactly one year after his mind surgery,” she continued. “You consider we can be prepared for this when we know it’s coming, though we customarily can’t. The customarily chairman whose comfort we wish right now is a one who can’t give it to me.”

“I skip him so much,” she added. “I know where he is now is so most better, though it doesn’t change how most we skip him.”

Matt, who also starred on a third deteriorate of WWE’s Tough Enough reality show, formerly had a mind expansion about 11 years ago and was frequently screened any year, Lindsey wrote in her blog.

The former wrestler had undergone an MRI in Feb 2017, though in Jun of that year he began to humour from headaches and “seizure activity,” she wrote.

Matt Cappotelli

When a dual went into a doctor’s bureau together, they were sad by Matt’s diagnosis.

“Dr. Yao, a mind surgeon, came to a room to plead things some-more with us and give us a options,” Lindsey wrote. “He explained that a expansion was of poignant distance and that he was repelled during how quick it had grown in a 4 months given Matt’s Feb MRI.”

The integrate was told that though medicine it would not be transparent what form of expansion Matt had, nonetheless Glioblastoma was a possibility.

“That was a initial time we had ever listened that word. In his words, that was a “worst case” scenario,” Lindsey wrote. “If it was GBM, and Matt chose not to have medicine or chemotherapy, he would customarily have about a month to live. Then he pronounced that even with surgery and treatment, it’s customarily about 6 months.”

Matt underwent a medicine on Jun 29, 2017, and while his surgeon was means to mislay 90 percent of a tumor, formula reliable he had class 4 Glioblastoma.

“That was an intensely romantic day for us. As is to be approaching when  we hear something like this, we had a impulse of great with any other,” Lindsey wrote. “I remember station in a kitchen, in his arms, me great and him crying, and me observant that we couldn’t remove him, we couldn’t live though him.”

He began verbal chemotherapy, though his symptoms grew worse. After removing a influenza in December, he was hospitalized and “really never walked again.”

“Throughout all of this, Matt and we unequivocally never discussed death,” Lindsey wrote. “A partial of me wishes that we had, though we customarily never wanted to make him consider that we didn’t consider he would make it. Because we still had hope, and we didn’t wish him to give adult hope.”

“I customarily adore this male so freaking much. He’s my “person”. He’s a one we wanted to be with forever,” she continued. “He’s a one we wanted to grow aged with. we wanted him to be my whole life, not customarily a partial of my life.”

“So many times I’ve wished that it were me going by this. we would trade places with him in an instant,” she added. “I always told him that we wanted to die before him since we customarily didn’t consider we could tarry though him, though we knew that he’d be fine though me. If we would’ve asked what my misfortune calamity was, it would be losing him. So many times I’ve asked myself, how can this be happening? we can’t trust this is unequivocally happening. But it is. And this is partial of life. People get cancer and people die. We can’t do anything about that, though we can control how we respond to these resources and how we concede God to work in us and by us. we can already see a expansion and change in me.”

She concluded, “It sucks to go by something like this, though we know God is operative and moving. All a both of us wish is for Him to be glorified. As Jesus pronounced in John 12: 28, Father, move excellence to Your name.”

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