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Fortnite’s Insane Rocket Launch May Be The Greatest Collective Gaming Moment In History


They did it, they unequivocally did it.

I was intensely doubtful when Epic Games announced that Fortnite’s rocket launch would not be some arrange of universe eventuality combined in a patch, where unexpected players record in and find a thing sailing by a sky instead of nestled on a launch pad. But rather, they claimed that a rocket would launch opposite all games, on each platform, in each match, during 10:30 AM PT today.

From a technical perspective, this seemed like something tough to lift off, yet even if it was probable to do something that crazy, a collective, unaccompanied eventuality opposite each game, it seemed unfailing to pile-up Fortnite’s servers during a unequivocally least, as a outrageous playerbase all attempted to reserve adult for a perspective during a accurate same moment. Fortnite is not accurately a many fast of games on a good day, constantly traffic with patch issues, mode dismissal and other server problems. This seemed like it was seeking for trouble.

But in a end, a eventuality went off yet a hitch. Players collected all around a rocket, or floated down from a conflict bus, or celebrated a Victory Royale and…

  • Saw a rocket launch from a knave bottom in Snobby Shores
  • Saw a upholder tumble off of it and land in Anarchy Acres
  • Look like a rocket was about to nosedive toward Tilted Towers, before warping by a array of portals, a final of that non-stop adult a giant, permanent impulse in a sky that will roughly positively lead into deteriorate 5’s poser theme

Before a launch, we joked that a Fortnite rocket would be a generation’s moon landing, yet honestly, there was something incredibly cold about this whole process. The hum of an whole village watchful for this thing to launch. In-game, examination people lay down their arms and simply mount by one another to watch a launch as it drew closer, even yet everybody was easy pickings if someone did confirm to murder people (though I’m certain this happened in some games). There’s a astonishment of experiencing this yourself in a game, or examination it instead by a eyes of your favorite streamers who reacted in genuine time with hundreds of thousands of viewers in chat, perplexing to routine what accurately it was they were seeing.


I have simply never seen an eventuality like this in gaming, a truly common impulse in a village that comes down not to something everybody practice on their possess time, yet something that happens to a diversion in a can’t-miss, one-time-only knowledge during a specific indicate in time. But even if we did skip it, a partnership of a village continues with tens, hundreds of thousands of screenshots and video posted of each angle of a launch and ensuing disharmony to amicable media. It’s truly something to behold.

I can't unequivocally review this to anything I’ve ever seen in gaming. There are “collective” gaming moments in a clarity that everybody can describe to what it felt like to experiencing a final turn in a strange BioShock, or personification by a vivid finale of The Last of Us or creation that fatal choice between Kaidan and Ashley in Mass Effect. But again, those might be common “moments,” yet depending on a player, they could occur hours, days, months or years apart.

Some MMOs have “world events” yet again, zero utterly like this, and on this scale. Granted we haven’t played adequate WoW to know if anything compares there, yet we can’t suppose that’s a case. Elsewhere, we consider we can contend that there are live, common moments when it comes to large esports wins, yet that’s a opposite difficulty than what I’m articulate about here.


Epic has combined a new category of actor knowledge with Fortnite. They are relocating over “this is a fun conflict royale” title, and essentially changing how games work and are gifted by their players. This is a new growth too. we gamble Epic would have favourite to be means to impact a comet into Dusty Divot final deteriorate in a live eventuality like this, yet maybe they didn’t have a capability. But now that they do, we’re expected to see a lot some-more “must see” events like this in a game, and hopefully in other titles too, if competitors can follow suit.

I am flattering in astonishment of what happened here today. In terms of both a idiocy of a eventuality (the portals! The sky crack!) that was not what anyone was expecting, yet also a technical chops to lift something like this off flawlessly, and how closely it firm together a millions-strong community. It unequivocally was something to behold, and we will never forget it.

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