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Four unbending hurdles Elon Musk will have to overcome to spin his Mars dream into reality

SpaceX Chief Executive Elon Musk has finally laid out his skeleton to eventually ride adult to a million people to inhabit Mars. But there are some-more than a few hurdles he’ll have to transparent first.

In a debate Tuesday during a International Astronautical Congress in Guadalajara, Mexico, Musk presented a grand prophesy — massive rockets launching a swift of 1,000 spaceships that would any lift about 100 people to Mars.

The outrageous rocket boosters would be reusable, barreling behind to Earth after hoisting a spaceships into a “parking orbit,” and afterwards returning 3 or 4 times with propellant tankers to refuel a ships for their long voyage. 

Once on Mars, Musk skeleton to rise a diesel plantation to collect a methane and glass oxygen required to energy a upholder for the journey home.

The hurdles are immense, says Richard Wirz, executive of a UCLA Plasma and Space Propulsion Lab, though also “inspiring.”

“We need people out there like Elon Musk that are moving a subsequent era of engineers,” he said. “It’s tough to get students into STEM fields if we’re constantly saying, ‘No we can’t do that.’ Let’s keep vouchsafing visionaries like this lay out blueprints, and afterwards let’s see what we can do.”

Here are some of the challenges that lie ahead:


Musk concurred this problem himself in his Tuesday speech, pointedly saying, “Obviously, it will be a challenge to account this endeavor.”

So far, he estimated that SpaceX has dedicated reduction than 5% of a resources to a interplanetary ride system, amounting to a “few tens of millions of dollars.”

In a year and a half to dual years, once other projects hang up, he pronounced he hoped to have many of SpaceX’s engineering group operative on a Mars mission, and persevere $300 million a year to a project.

Musk estimated that SpaceX would have to deposit $10 billion to rise a interplanetary ride system.

He pronounced SpaceX expects to beget “pretty decent” income from satellite launches and a Hawthorne company’s resupply missions for NASA for a International Space Station.

He total that a “main reason” he was “personally accumulating assets” was to account this endeavor, and that there were people in a private zone who were meddlesome in appropriation a Mars base.

But he pronounced a devise will eventually need a public/private partnership.

NASA is already developing a Space Launch System, a vast rocket that a group skeleton to send to an asteroid in a mid-2020s and to Mars in a 2030s. But Congress has not nonetheless committed a financial resources to capacitate a trip.

Size of a rocket

The rocket upholder for a interplanetary ride complement will magnitude about 39 feet in hole and mount 254 feet tall.

When built with a spaceship, a total tallness will be about 400 feet — taller than a Saturn V rocket that carried astronauts to a moon in a 1970s. The SpaceX rocket would also have scarcely 4 times as many thrust. The Saturn V is a many absolute rocket ever used.

The SpaceX Mars rocket will be powered by 42 Raptor engines, that runs on methane and glass oxygen. The vast series of engines provides for redundancy, definition that if a few engines fail, there are adequate others to keep it going. 

But a distance and energy of a rocket will be a challenge, Wirz said.

“The some-more engines we employ, a some-more complexity,” he said.

A diesel plantation on Mars

The thought of diesel prolongation on a Red Planet is pivotal to Musk’s skeleton to revoke a cost of going to Mars.

Musk pronounced he wanted to use a CO dioxide in Mars’ atmosphere along with a oxygen from a H2O ice on a world to emanate a diesel repository on Mars to refuel a spaceships after they arrive. 

But he didn’t give any sum of how a fuel would be manufactured. At this point, no one has figured out how to do it, pronounced David Barnhart, executive of a USC Space Engineering Research Center in an talk Tuesday.

Also unclear: how to supply a bureau with a arguable source of water. Water has been found issuing intermittently underneath a Martian aspect and in plain form in a northern ice cap, though it will be formidable to find adequate of it, not to discuss estimate it into fuel, Wirz said.

Keeping humans stable on a approach to and on Mars

Musk gave few sum on what humans would do once they get to Mars and how they will be stable from a high-radiation sourroundings they will encounter on a tour and after arrival.

During his speech, Musk pronounced there will be “some risk” of radiation, though “it’s not deadly.” He pronounced there would need to be “some shielding,” quite if there was a solar light or a solar storm. He mentioned that an synthetic captivating margin could be constructed over time to inhibit high-energy particles, though gave no details.

Wirz pronounced this was an critical aspect of any long-term allotment plans.

“The deviation sourroundings is one of those things that humans aren’t built for,” he said.

How a colonists will breathe on Mars is reduction of an issue, Wirz said. The International Space Station has already demonstrated a successful use of record that turns CO dioxide into oxygen. 


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