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France and Malaysia: during propagandize together – Education

TO a warn of many, France has been personification a estimable purpose in a expansion of credentials in Malaysia for some-more than twin centuries.

Indeed, French Catholic missionaries started substantiating schools here from a early 19th century, withdrawal behind an unusual birthright of dozens of credentials institutions, still abounding now around a country. St Xavier’s Institution or Convent Light Street in Penang, Convent Bukit Nanas in Kuala Lumpur, St Michael in Ipoh and many, many others all share these little-known “French roots”.

Fast brazen to a present, team-work between France and Malaysia in credentials contingency be executive to a relations. Our twin countries need some-more than ever to sight new generations of perceptive citizens, means to urge their approved values and to understanding absolutely with a mandate of a globalised and technologically-driven world. We can assistance any other to strech this goal.

Student exchanges started in a 1950s with French scholarships. In a conspicuous illustration, Ilham Gallery in Kuala Lumpur is now exhibiting until Jun a paintings of Chia Yu Chian, a initial Malaysian target of a French supervision extend to investigate during a Paris School of Fine Arts. The transformation accelerated in a 1980s with jointly financed programmes targeted for prestigious engineering institutions. Since 1995, a Malaysia-France Institute (MFI) in UniKL has prepared Malaysian supervision grantees to take engineering, business and domestic scholarship studies in France. In 2006, a twin countries determined a one-of-a-kind corner group – a Malaysia France University Centre (MFUC) – that promotes team-work and mobility both ways.

The expansion in tangible exchanges has been spectacular. Today, in further to these programmes, some-more than 70 French universities have tyro mobility agreements with some-more than 20 Malaysian institutions, generating flows both ways, including a new, energetic trend of French students entrance to Malaysia – some-more than 200 in 2018, while about 1,000 Malaysians were study in France. Malaysian alumni entrance behind from France minister to a economy and multitude in all fields – from star engineer Datuk Bernard Chandran to Dr Muhammed Abdul Khalid, mercantile confidant to a Prime Minister, and from Prof Datuk Dr Mazliham Mohd Su’ud, boss of UniKL to Noor Afifah Abdul Razak, emissary secretary-general (Energy and Green Technology) of a Energy, Science, Technology, Environment and Climate Change Ministry (Mestecc).

Double grade programmes now cover 11 domains, from liberality management, where team-work between Taylor’s and Toulouse Universities has supposing a French grade to some-more than 4,000 Malaysian students in 25 years, to a many new twin masters with Malaysia’s National Defence University (UPNM) on sea record and on cybersecurity, and between UniKL and La Rochelle University on information science, launched in February.

French aloft credentials institutions have also set-up campus in Malaysia: tip culinary propagandize Le Cordon Bleu operates within Sunway University; conform consultant ESMOD with The One Academy; and tourism government personality Vatel within City University College of Science and Technology.

The newest further to this flourishing ecosystem, a corner centre by Mara and Groupe Institut de Soudure for a training of technicians in aerospace combination element will be strictly launched in Langkawi during a Langkawi International Maritime and Aero­space (Lima) exhibition. Vocational training is indeed also a essential partial of a credentials undertaking.

Teaching French denunciation of march serves as an essential basement for destiny cooperation, and opens a lot of opportunities for immature Malaysians in a flourishing French-speaking universe on all continents. The Alliance Française in Kuala Lumpur (AFKL) and a sister-centre in Penang have been charity classes to a ubiquitous open for many decades – AFKL’s campus during Lorong Gurney was inaugurated in 1975 by Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, afterwards Education Minister, who delivered his debate wholly in French! The series of learners in Malaysian delegate schools has grown exponentially given 2011 from 5,000 to 15,000 today, as French is now taught in some-more than 100 inhabitant schools nationwide.

In this context, 14 embassies from French-speaking countries have motionless this year to arise to a plea and organize in Mar a first-ever “FrancoTour” – a day of French denunciation activities for any state of Malaysia, benefitting some-more than 1,600 pupils and 85 teachers!

Finally, a French School (Lycée Français) in KL, handling given 1962, is also expanding to turn an even some-more distinguished actor of a credentials cooperation. This entrance September, a Lycée Français will acquire facile propagandize pupils in a code new building with modernized comforts and it will also increasingly open a doors to Malaysian students, therefore contributing even some-more to a expansion of Malaysia.

A new agreement on aloft credentials team-work between France and Malaysia, now in a final theatre of preparation, will be sealed in a entrance weeks. With so most common ambitions and so most petrify progress, France and Malaysia have already by now turn loyal schoolmates!


Ambassador of France to Malaysia


Article source: https://www.thestar.com.my/news/education/2019/03/31/france-and-malaysia---at-school-together/