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Frank Pinello of ‘The Pizza Show’ Travels a World to Find a Best Pie

On The VICE Guide to Right Now, VICE’s daily podcast, we excavate into a biggest news of a day and give we a outline of a stories we’re reading, operative on, and preoccupied with.

Today we plead a devise from a Department of Homeland Security to penalize immigrants who use supervision subsidies, a abdication of White House help Rob Porter in a midst of abuse allegations, and a Russian chief scientists who allegedly used a supervision mechanism to cave Bitcoin. Then we locate adult with Frank Pinello, owners of Brooklyn’s Best Pizza and horde of VICE’s new series, The Pizza Show, about a subject we can all get behind.

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Article source: https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/j5bpyb/frank-pinello-of-the-pizza-show-travels-the-world-to-find-the-best-pie


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