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Game of Thrones: 7 Things You Might Have Missed in New Trailer

HBO has understandably kept a cards flattering tighten to a chest as Season 6 of Game of Thrones approaches. With really small book element for readers to go off of, it’s anyone’s speculation as to what’s coming. But with usually dual some-more weeks to go, HBO has unleashed a many divulgence trailer yet. Still, we might have missed some of a clues—a lot of them are formed on House sigils and other little details. So here, if we wish them, are 7 sparkling reveals from a new Game of Thrones trailer. As always, enter during your possess risk.

First, a refresher on a trailer if we haven’t seen it yet.

And now let a recurrent conjecture begin!

Davos Is #TeamSansa

We can tell from this trailer that Davos is assisting spearhead one side of a good troops bid in Season 6. He’s seen on horseback with a Stark ensign defeat in a breeze behind him. But when we mix his “the passed are coming” shot with Sansa’s fur-clad stage from a last trailer, we get a really constrained box that a eldest flourishing Stark and Davos Seaworth are on a same group (and in a same hall) this year. When we flicker closely during a sigil behind Davos, it looks to go to House Mormont. The northern House that was before home to Ser Jorah and Lord Commander Jeor is now run by a smart-alecky immature lady who done her loyalties famous to Stannis final season. “Bear Island knows no aristocrat though a King in a north, whose name is Stark,” a 10-year-old Lyanna wrote when a late Baratheon personality asked for support opposite a Boltons. Davos, we know, is flattering good during traffic with immature eminent girls so maybe Lyanna will accept a Stark black like Sansa if no Stark aristocrat is available. (Unless, of course, you’re articulate about you know who.)

The Battle Will Get Very Bloody

The Game of Thrones writers have been earnest a strong conflict this deteriorate with writer Bryan Cogman saying, “It’s really a biggest [action method yet]. We’ve always wanted to get to a place—story-wise and budget-wise and time-wise and resource-wise—where we would be means to do a correct battle, with one army on one side, one army on another side.” This is substantially a quarrel Sansa and Davos are assisting to quarrel and now we know a stakes of that battle. In further to a meaningful fiery Bolton crosses in a trailer above we get a verbatim wall of bodies (hinted during before) that we competence have missed in a trailer. In a shot above, a combatants are scrambling over a dark raise to do battle.

Tying Up Loose Ends

Speaking of Sansa’s revenge, her many evident aim competence be a Boltons, though it’s transparent Sansa hasn’t lost about a male who took her mom and her hermit from her. Walder Frey is behind looking as smarmy as ever, toasting a roomful of people. It looks as if this competence be another marriage during his home in a Riverlands: a Twins. But a room also appears to be packaged with Lannister soldiers (more on that in a bit). Hopefully, it’s not a Frey wedding, we all know how good that last one incited out.

Brienne and Pod Are Headed Back South

And a lapse of Walder Frey might assistance explain what Brienne and Pod are doing down in a Riverlands this year. They spent a whole deteriorate in a sleet but—thanks to a hard-to-miss House Tully ensign in a background—we know they’re going to Riverrun this year. This puts Brienne and Pod behind on lane of their Book 4 plot, that took them low into Tully territory. Their time adult north complete, Brienne and Pod are now headed for a same unavoidable finish (and presumably a rendezvous with an aged friend). Book readers will remember that things didn’t go so good for a lady horseman and her squire and another stage from a trailer spells some difficulty for a pair.

Who’s grabbing bad Pod? Kevin Fitzpatrick from Screencrush notes that those gloves demeanour an awful lot like a ones adored by Jaime’s righthand man: Bronn.

Jaime in a Riverlands

Speaking of Jaime, we see him roving by red tents that demeanour really identical to a ones in a stretch behind Pod. So it’s sincerely protected to assume that Jaime Lannister will also be personification out his Book 4 tract in a Riverlands. (In a books, that’s where he goes instead of Dorne.) He’s there to try to fan with a Freys to expostulate a Tullys (Catelyn’s hermit Brynden is still there) out of a Riverlands. Both Brienne in a North and Jaime in Dorne felt sidelined a bit final year (and their story lines didn’t go over very well with viewers), so it’s a service to see them both behind on a trail George R.R. Martin intended, and presumably on their approach to a reunion?

A New Red Woman

We know Melanie Liburd was cast to play another Red Priestess in a capillary of Melisandre, though it looks like she’s not a usually one. Varys and Tyrion hail a different Red Woman in a bench room of Mereen played by Russian-born Israeli actress Ania Bukstein. Faith-keepers like Melisandre, Tormund, and a Sparrows have all possibly voiced doubts or been beaten down in these Season 6 trailers. But as their faith seems to be on a decline, a R’hllor transformation is picking adult steam over in Essos.

The End for Tyrion?

The income shot of a trailer comes right during a finish when Tyrion pays a revisit to Rhaegal and Viserion, a dual dragons still in captivity. It competence be a bit of trailer trickery, though it looks like one of Daenerys’s babies was perplexing to fry Tyrion. This is also a fun sign of how most work a V.F.X. group does. According to a new behind-the-scenes special, here’s what a identical shot looked like before they worked their magic.

There’s no real need to worry for Tyrion. He’s a impression who Martin pronounced early on would make it all a approach to a sour end. Then again, a uncover is holding copiousness of liberties with Martin’s plan.

There’s also a matter of Quentyn Martell. In a books, Quentyn (of a Dornish Martells) foolishly thinks he can float a dragon since he has Targaryen blood in his family tree. Poor Quentyn gets roasted (or does he?) and serves as a cautionary story that no matter how just or how bold, not everyone can float a dragon.

Now, Quentyn has been created out of a show, so it’s possible Tyrion is here to take his place. But would they indeed toast Tyrion Lannister? There’s a book-reader speculation that Tyrion, like some other characters in a show, is indeed a tip Targaryen. If he has adequate of a Targaryen blood in him will he, like Dany, be spared a roasting? And will he, distinct bad Quentyn, get to ride one of a dragons? If we were Dany, we wouldn’t mind carrying Tyrion by my side for a final conflict that, according to this trailer, is looking increasingly like a quarrel between dragons and ice zombies.


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