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Game of Thrones Prequel Casts Naomi Watts, Throws Everything into Doubt

If we have not been following a Game of Thrones spin-off array news too closely, we could be forgiven for creation some evident guesses about what it means that British-born Australian singer Naomi Watts has landed a lead purpose in a array fans (and George R.R. Martin himself) are informally job The Long Night. Surely someone with such ethereal facilities and blonde hair is personification a Targaryen. (If this were Amazon’s Lord of a Rings series, we would theory she were personification an elf.) But a Targaryens aren’t even ostensible to be in this new series—and that’s usually a commencement of a mystery.

The plan is approaching to start filming in early 2019. Given that it’s not formed directly on any of Martin’s books, we don’t know most else yet, other than this central summary and Watts’s intensely intriguing impression description.

Taking place thousands of years before a events of Game of Thrones,
the array chronicles a world’s skirmish from a Golden Age of
Heroes into a darkest hour. And usually one thing is for sure: from the
horrifying secrets of Westeros’s story to a loyal start of the
white walkers, a mysteries of a east, to a Starks of fable . . .
it’s not a story we consider we know.

That timeline is what has led book readers to assume there will be no dragons or silver-haired, incestuous siblings on this prequel series, given that it prolonged pre-dates a Targaryen emigration to Westeros. But a central summary does counsel that this is “not a story we consider we know.” On that note, Variety also reports that Watts is personification “a charismatic socialite stealing a dim secret.” Cue everyone’s favorite Game of Thrones phrase: tip Targaryen!

Well, possibly. It overtly would be startling for HBO not to gain on a really renouned (and expensive) dragons a combined for Thrones by incorporating them into another series. But incest and swift beasts aside, a outline of Watts as a socialite flies in a face of what many have approaching to see in this story of a First Men. This outline of a Watts character, with a guarantee of house intrigue, doesn’t accurately jelly with visions of forbidding northern group and their firm notions of honor.

But of course, down in a south, things are always a bit slipperier. One of Martin’s total of note from this epoch is Lann a Clever—who, according to legend, swindled Casterly Rock divided from a Casterlys with usually his wits. Lann’s line became a strong House Lannister—and if that’s not fruitful belligerent for a shrewd blonde played by Naomi Watts, afterwards we don’t know what is.

Speculation aside, going for a name like Watts shows that HBO intends to flex all of a flesh with this series. It’s probable that Watts’s good crony Nicole Kidman helped promote this sold casting coup—Kidman has several projects on a go during HBO, including Big Little Lies Season 2 and a new series called The Undoing. Watts herself is no foreigner to a universe of status TV, appearing in both Netflix’s ephemeral Gypsy and Showtime’s Twin Peaks: The Return in 2017. The latter should ready her for a top-secret inlet of operative on a Thrones series.

Thrones itself launched with a most lesser-known expel behind in 2011 and a usually star, Sean Bean, didn’t make it out of a initial deteriorate alive. But that was a prolonged time ago—before Thrones was a tellurian juggernaut it is today, and when a foe in a prestige-TV marketplace was distant reduction stiff.

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