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Game of Thrones recap: ‘The Broken Man’

A lady is stabbed … a integrate characters return … and a newcomer steals a scene. In “The Broken Man,” a chess pieces continued to corner into position in King’s Landing and the Riverlands for climactic confrontations to come, while a play stepped behind to ask some major philosophical questions about a inlet of violence. 

We start with… 

Cold open: Duh-na, na-na-na nah, duh na-na-na nah — hey, reason a door, that’s not a Game of Thrones opening credits! We’re usually starting an partial with a scene, jolt things adult with a cold open, like this is a start of deteriorate 4 instead of median by deteriorate 6 with “The Broken Man.” We see a array of scenes that’s Witness meets Westeros. Temple building, elementary life, elementary pleasures, and one unequivocally vast male carrying a unequivocally vast log who’s suggested to be… The Hound. Why a cold open? The prolongation has to put The Hound actor Rory McCann’s name in a opening credits and, as GoT writer Bryan Cogman explains, that would have marred a exhibit if fans saw his name before his impression appeared. We’ll come behind to this story line in a bit. 

King’s Landing: Sure, it’s a array of meetings … but they’re rather overwhelming meetings.

– Margaery and a High Sparrow: Margaery shows off her scripture memorization. What we adore about Margaery’s impression is she tends to remarkably play any palm she’s given and this deteriorate she’s doing her best with the misfortune cards she’s been dealt yet. The High Sparrow expresses his regard that she’s no longer sleeping with Tommen, that leads to something we’d never suspicion we’d hear, and positively something we never wanted: a High Sparrow sex tip (“Congress does not need enterprise on a woman’s part, usually patience”). This sell also indicates that Tommen is fussy to a High Sparrow that his mother won’t nap with him, that is maybe a head-shaking saddest thing Tommen has finished yet, and that’s unequivocally observant something. 

The High Sparrow begins to demonstrate regard about Margaery’s grandmother, “I fear for her safety” — as if her reserve isn’t wholly adult to him. This is like a host trainer casually worrying about either one of his group is loyal; it sets off all sorts of alarm bells. Naturally, a Sparrow is removing rid of anybody who competence be a viewed hazard — final week it was Jaime’s turn, now Lady Olenna, and shortly Cersei with her trial.

– Margaery and Lady Olenna: Margaery bewilders the ruin out of her grandmother by rising pinwheel-eyed New Gods testament. Olenna is charity Margaery a possibility to shun all this, though she’s staying committed to her purpose (presumably for her brother’s consequence — she total during some indicate she can get a High Sparrow to recover him). Margaery urges her grandmother to go home lest there’s a Walk of Shame for the Queen of Thorns. Margaery afterwards slips her something: a Tyrell rose. Olenna is relieved — no matter what she’s saying, she’s still a member of a family.

– Olenna meets with Cersei and they finally have a truly open and blunt review with all their cards on a table. It would be so good to see these dual group up, though it’s distant too late for that. Olenna rips into Cersei for her blunders last deteriorate that empowered a High Sparrow, and Cersei frankly admits she’s wrong. Has she ever finished that before? And afterwards she even says: “We need any other right now.” This is, once again like in final week’s episode, a newly calm and calculating Cersei. It’s like Qyburn started spiking her booze with Lexapro. Olenna gets in a integrate final barbs on her approach out a door: “I consternation if we competence be a many terrible chairman I’ve ever met,” she says, managing to sound genuinely extraordinary if that’s a case. Then Olenna runs down precisely how screwed Cersei’s conditions is here. “You’ve lost, Cersei — it’s a usually fun we can find in all this misery.” 

Riverrun: Bronn, like The Hound, is back. And Bronn, like The Hound, is a male who unequivocally wishes a uncover would go divided and leave him alone to live in assent off camera somewhere. It’s like Bronn senses that Jaime is a categorical impression and he’s a sidekick and so each time Jaime shows adult he’s in risk of not flourishing a scene. Jaime tries to agree him and offer a high rank, though he wants nothing of it. 

As Jaime approaches Riverrun on his equine we wish there were a few staircases for him to run adult like final week. They hide adult on a Freys by not unctuous adult during all and it’s fun to watch Jaime trainer around these marriage murder hillbillies. What’s cold about this scene is it puts Jaime behind on a side of a “bad guys” again, after gaining a magnetism a past few seasons – he’s confronting off opposite Stark supporters and perplexing to assistance a Freys.

We see Edmure Tully again, this time with a blade to his throat. Once again, Tobias Menzies has as few lines as Rickon (which is to say, none). It’s like a producers are going: “Oh wait, you’re on Outlander, right? You don’t get to speak.”  

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In a meantime, review a interview with co-executive writer Bryan Cogman where he talks about a lapse of The Hound, and a chat with Ian McShane about his time on Thrones and some of his many other arriving projects (including a intensity Deadwood movie). 

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