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Game of Thrones: What to Expect in Season 7, from Cerseis Death to Aryas Revenge

‘Game of Thrones’: What to Expect in Season 7, from Cersei’s Death to Arya’s Revenge

Here’s what will expected occur successive deteriorate in Westeros.
Game of Thrones’ breakneck-paced sixth deteriorate finished with a bang, to put it mildly, and set into a place a show’s final relocating pieces: Jon Snow is King in a North, Cersei now manners in King’s Landing, and Daenerys is quick coming Westeros with 3 dragons and an armada. George R.R. Martin’s books are now resolutely in a rearview, nonetheless there are still copiousness of in-show clues about a clashes to come in Season 7. Look into a abandon and be warned, spoilers and conjecture distortion ahead.

The Mad Queen vs. The Kingslayer


Newly crowned Queen Cersei’s ascendance to a bench is rare in Westeros history: she’s an unwed lady statute a Seven Kingdoms, something no Great Council would ever have allowed. The elegant bigwigs who would have been on that legislature are now dead, nonetheless that doesn’t meant Cersei will energy unopposed for long.

Daenerys is now on her approach to Westeros to seize a bench with a full energy of an army and 3 dragons. She’ll expected land initial in Dorne, where Olenna Tyrell and a Snakes are also plotting Cersei’s demise. But some-more tragically, there is one figure in a collateral now staid to forcibly finish what will expected be a many unhinged duration of myopic ruthlessness anyone has seen given a Mad King Aerys Targaryen.
That’s Jaime, Cersei’s twin and lover, who stabbed a Mad King to genocide for even formulation to do what Cersei already did in his absence: detonating a bomb wildfire dark underneath a Sept of Baelor. Over a years, and generally by his attribute with Brienne, a uncover has taken caring to settle Jaime as a some-more nuanced impression than his Kingslayer nickname let on. He killed Aerys to save a lives of thousands. He owns his Kingslayer nickname with a reduction of self-loathing and regret.
And he’s going to be a one who kills Cersei.
Maggy a magician foretold a vital events of Cersei’s life in a anticipation we saw in Season 5’s “The Wars to Come.” She accurately expected Cersei’s matrimony to a philandering king, a deaths of all her children, and her arise to a bench as queen.
She also expected Cersei’s downfall. “Queen we shall be, until there comes another, younger and some-more beautiful, to expel we down and take all that we reason dear.” Cersei seemed to consider this referred to Margaery, nonetheless it might indeed be Daenerys. Another line of a anticipation foretold Cersei’s death, nonetheless a line was wanting from a show: “And when your tears have drowned you, a valonquar shall hang his hands around your dark white throat and throttle a life from you.”
“Valonquar” means “little brother” in Valyrian, a word Cersei assumes refers to Tyrion. But Jaime is younger too, if usually by minutes. Season 6 took caring to remind us that there is “still respect in” Jaime, as Brienne said. Judging by a uneasy demeanour on his face during a steer of his sister crowned queen, that whinging clarity of morality—a trait he does not share with his twin—could be Cersei’s demise.

Clash of a Puppetmasters


In all a disharmony over 6 years, it’s easy to forget that Petyr Baelish, aka Littlefinger, is a designer of a whole diversion of thrones. He started a War of a Five Kings by convincing Lysa Arryn to kill her father Jon, then-Hand of a King, so sparking a lethal adversary between a Lannisters and Starks. He organised for Margaery’s matrimony to Joffrey, afterwards designed and executed a Lannister king’s death, Sansa’s escape, and her successive matrimony to Ramsay. He even orchestrated Cersei’s detain by a Faith Militant by giving Olenna a information she needed.
“The Winds of Winter” finally told us his endgame: he wants a Iron Throne for himself with Sansa Stark by his side. (Ew.) His newest tactic? Driving a crowd between Sansa and Jon Snow in a North by convincing her that she deserves to order instead of him. There have already been hints of kin passion there: Sansa didn’t trust Jon adequate to tell him about a Knights of a Vale in a Battle of a Bastards, and she resented being released from a fight legislature beforehand.
Happily, Littlefinger isn’t a usually one pulling strings and exerting world-changing change behind a scenes. Varys is usually as bustling these days, clearly teleporting between Dorne, where he’s formulation a manoeuvre opposite a Lannisters with Olenna and a Snakes, and Meereen, where he’s been assisting Daenerys mountain a Targaryen replacement he’s been formulation all along. If Littlefinger’s prolonged criminal usually serves his possess ends, Varys’s, during slightest in his mind, is in use of a kingdom.
Their adversary has been on a behind burner for a improved partial of dual seasons nonetheless their machinations will arise to a forefront again, generally as their interests physically strife in King’s Landing.

The Red Witch vs. The Many-Faced Assassin


With Melisandre outcast from a North and Arya prohibited off her pie-baking entrance during a Twins, these dual will cranky paths again as well. It is known: a final time Melisandre saw Arya, she looked into her face, saw her destiny as a Many-Faced assassin, and expected their successive meeting: “I see a dark in you,” she said. “And in that darkness, eyes staring behind during me. Brown eyes, blue eyes, immature eyes. We will accommodate again.”
Their reunion will, of course, spin violent. Melisandre is still on Arya’s kill list for wanting to harm Gendry. Beric Dondarrion and Thoros of Myr from a Brotherhood Without Banners are still on her kill list too, for handing Gendry over to a Red Witch. Maybe Melisandre will join adult with a Brotherhood again and that’s where Arya will find her—it’d positively be a poignant, eventful meeting: Arya’s ex-travel friend The Hound (also on her kill list) is now roving with a Brotherhood as well.

Bran Ruins Everything (Again)


Bran didn’t accurately attraction himself to us this season, what with him ruinous Hodor’s mind, vouchsafing a Night King hold him, and so violation a sign that stable a Three-Eyed Raven’s tree. With him and that nasty blue symbol on his arm streamer south to a Wall though, Bran’s biggest fuck-up might still be to come.
As a undead Benjen Stark reminded us in “Winds of Winter,” a Wall is also stable by ancient spells meant to keep White Walkers out. Bran has no choice nonetheless to spin south from a Lands of Always Winter during this point—there’s no protected place left there. If he creates it past a Wall, will a Night King’s hold also mangle those spells, finally unleashing a society of White Walkers on Westeros? The steer of thousands of them crawling over a Wall would make a flattering considerable final shot of a season.

Samwell Tarly Helps Save a World


Apart from a few honeyed makeover scenes and a calamity family reunion, Sam’s Season 6 query south of a Wall to his hometown of Horn Hill afterwards to Oldtown could feel a small inconsequential. But that’s usually since a boon is nonetheless to come: Sam’s Beauty and a Beast impulse in a Citadel’s staggeringly expanded (and beautiful) library is a initial in a array of moments that will be essential for a presence of mankind.
The Citadel is a citadel of ancient believe and Sam knows improved than many how obligatory a hazard of White Walkers is. Maybe he’ll learn some ancient spell (like a one on a Wall) that can keep a monsters away. Or maybe he’ll puncture out clues to a origination of Valyrian steel, one of usually dual famous substances able of murdering White Walkers. (The other is dragonglass.) He does have his father’s cherished Valyrian sword handy—it could be what creates a disproportion in a experiments to reconstruct it.

Jon Snowgaryen Deals With a Prophecy

“The Winds of Winter” finally reliable a speculation that’s been all nonetheless criterion during this point: R+L=J. Former Crown Prince Rhaegar Targaryen and Ned’s sister Lyanna Stark are Snow’s genuine parents, a fact dark from him to keep him protected from Targaryen-killing King Robert. Jon himself doesn’t know it nonetheless (we see a Tower of Joy flashback by Bran’s eyes), nonetheless with a assembly already adult to speed, it can’t be prolonged until Jon is, too.

What will he do once he finds out? By that point, Daenerys (his aunt, technically; she is Rhaegar’s small sister) will expected already be in King’s Landing. His Targaryen blood gives him a stronger explain to a Iron Throne (and negates his explain to a North), nonetheless it feels doubtful that he would float south for power.
Maybe he’ll accommodate his aunt and ask for her army’s assistance in waging fight opposite a White Walkers. Maybe his Targaryen blood means he is one of a prophesied 3 heads of a dragon. (How cold would it be to see him roving Viserion or Rhaegal?) Maybe he’s even Azor Ahai, a world-saving Prince Who Was Promised whom a Song of Ice and Fire is all about—Melisandre positively thinks so, nonetheless other Red Priestesses contend it’s Daenerys.
Either way, he and his origin will be instrumental in settling a show’s final score. With as small as 13 episodes left to go, we won’t wait prolonged to find out.

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