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Georgia ‘at a top’ after revisit from 6-foot-6 Owen Condon

Georgia offering 6-foot-6 Owen Condon on Thursday. That offer came after usually recruiting a Oklahoma City proprietor for about a month.

He usually rates as a 3-star prospect, though Georgia finished it transparent since he is valued by a program.

Condon totalled a quarter-inch bashful of a 6-foot-7 mark. He weighed in during 305 pounds. The Bishop McGuinness standout had forsaken about 10 pounds. Blame varsity basketball for that.

Owen Condon was usually bashful of a 6-foot-7 symbol when totalled during UGA on Thursday. The Bulldogs offering him on that visit. (Owen Condon / Special)

Condon, famous as “The Big O” to his family, rates as a nation’s No. 40 descent tackle per a 247Sports Composite.

He’s looking to make his preference before his comparison season.

Condon common his thoughts on an “awesome” revisit to UGA with DawgNation.

“I meant Georgia has got to be during a tip right now,” Condon said. “Everything they put on for my Mom and we (on a visit) was usually amazing. we desired it.”

Condon followed that matter with another comment. He didn’t back-pedal from his seductiveness in potentially wearing his No. 75 for a Bulldogs one day.

“Everything was genuine eye-opening on a visit,” Condon said. “I positively desired all they have to offer. I’m not prepared to make a preference nonetheless we don’t think. I’ve still got to go see some places. But Georgia is unequivocally adult there.”

That’s a flattering good initial outing to UGA.

Why UGA wants Owen Condon

Despite that ranking, he was told a Bulldogs favourite him for several reasons:

  • He’s indispensable during tackle though could slip down and also presumably play ensure during his initial few years on campus.
  • Condon binds a 3.9 grade-point normal in a private propagandize curriculum. He’s already scored a 26 on his ACT.
  • “They pronounced my feet are a large thing,” Condon pronounced of his size-16s. “That was usually how I’m means to pierce and my feet for a man my size.”
  • His mom also happens to be a UGA alum.

While they were sitting in his office, a review shifted to Pittman entrance out to see him during open practice. Georgia manager Kirby Smart fast took all a amour out of that trip.

Smart offering him. Then rattled off a reasons why.

“They pronounced we usually check all a boxes off a margin as good as grades and character,” Condon said. “Not usually do we have a earthy partial of it, though they know I’m going to be means to get it finished in a classroom and on a margin as well.”

Condon also visited Florida this week but didn’t pull an evident offer. He pronounced a Gators were his favorite group flourishing up. He was also on his approach to check out Vanderbilt on Friday.

He’s finished a rounds of late. He pronounced he’s already been to Arkansas, Oklahoma State and TCU this year.

Owen Condon acted with his mom Sheri inside Sanford Stadium on Thursday. She graduated from UGA behind in 1993. (Owen Condon / Special)

“I’d substantially contend my Georgia revisit was a best one so far,” Condon said. “Just since we was there all day and got to see everything. we got to speak to a coaches for awhile. we spoke with Coach Pittman 3 times. Probably for about 30 mins any time. Then we talked to manager Smart. My mom and we got to speak to manager Smart in his bureau for about 45 minutes. Just chatting it adult and all that. I’d substantially contend a Georgia revisit was a best so far.”

He explained why.

“Just a time they took out of their day to make certain my revisit was going well,” Condon said. “Even a dual recruiting assistants who were with my Mom and we were usually awesome. We got to go see a dorms and to eat lunch on campus. We got to see all we indispensable to see.”

Georgia wants Condon to lapse during a summer. He pronounced he will unequivocally do that.

“To hang out with a guys and accommodate some of a players and all that,” he said. “That will substantially occur someday this summer. We haven’t set adult a date or anything like that though they wish me to come back.”

Does UGA’s Class of 2017 worry him? 

The Bulldogs tender him. No doubt about that.

“The coaching staff was awesome,” he said. “Every man we met was a good man and easy to speak to. Really relatable. Everyone has got comforts though Georgia has top-notch facilities. Their business propagandize — they have a Terry College of Business — fits what we wish to vital in. we consider it is a Top 5 open business propagandize or something like that. It is top-notch there. But a biggest plus for me was especially a people. I’d contend a coaching staff, a assistants and a players. That’s their large thing and obviously, they are in a SEC. That’s a best discussion to play in.”

Georgia also finished it transparent a module was all about competition. He’s being recruited to play tackle. Yet it was brought adult that anything can happen.

“The best 5 (offensive linemen) are going to play,” Condon said. “So if we need to pierce down to ensure as an underclassman to get on a margin and we infer that we can do that afterwards we can pierce down to guard. But especially we will be during descent tackle for a prolonged run.”

Condon has already listened about a repute of Georgia descent line manager Sam Pittman. (Owen Condon/ Special)

The conditions he usually described can infrequently means top-tier prospects to demeanour elsewhere.

“I have no problem with relocating down to ensure if we need to,” Condon said. “Anything to get on a field. That’s my mindset really.”

He’s usually looking to make one commitment. That’s since he wants to demeanour during a few some-more schools. He aims to make a unequivocally prepared decision. Not burst to a conclusion.

Georgia line manager Sam Pittman has utterly a reputation. He listened about it from a former NFL descent lineman that he trains with in Oklahoma.

That’s J.R. Conrad. He was a initial beginner to start during core for Oklahoma and eventually played 12 games in a NFL. Conrad was on a use patrol when New England reached a Super Bowl in 1996.

“He was congratulating me on a offer,” Condon said. “… He also told me Pittman was creatively from Oklahoma. So there’s a small bit of a tie there. My tutor also told me that Pittman is famous as a best descent line manager in a country. we can unequivocally see why.”

Other contenders for Condon

Fans will consternation about his rating. He felt that was since of a miss of exposure.

“I haven’t finished any camps this open and we don’t devise to anymore,” Condon said. “I’m usually going to concentration on visiting schools. That’s a usually thing that matters to me. Where we finish adult during personification ball. Not unequivocally where we arrange in Rivals or 247 or anything like that. Another thing is Oklahoma is unequivocally an under-recruited area. The guys in Texas out by me get some-more recognition. we don’t unequivocally know why.”

Condon wants to revisit both Texas and Notre Dame. He pronounced he unequivocally likes Arkansas, Oklahoma State and TCU. It seems unequivocally expected that he’ll make lapse trips back for another demeanour during any of those 3 schools.

He won’t be means to enroll early in Jan of 2018.


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