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Go Purple! And assistance lift recognition of Alzheimer’s Disease

OKLAHOMA CITY– Jun is Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness Month and this month a Alzheimer’s Association needs your assistance to expose a law about this illness and dementia.

Alzheimer Facts.

It is deadly and kills some-more people than breast and prostate cancer combined.

Alzheimer’s illness is a sixth-leading means of genocide in a United States and a usually means of genocide among a tip 10 in a U.S. that can't be prevented, marinated or even slowed.

Alzheimer`s is not normal aging. It`s a on-going mind illness but any cure.

Alzheimer’s kills haughtiness cells and hankie in a brain, inspiring an individual`s ability to remember, think, devise and eventually function.

Alzheimer`s is some-more than memory loss. It appears by a accumulation of signs and symptoms
Join in a Go Purple! Movement

This is a approach to lift recognition to a warnings signs of this illness and how to recongize them in yourself and others.

It is also a approach to uncover support for those affected.

The Longest Day Event is entrance adult on Jun 20. 

This is a signature eventuality for a Alzheimer`s Association.

Held on a summer solstice, teams opposite a creation respect those confronting Alzheimer’s illness with strength, heart and endurance.

From morning to sunset, teams attend by putting their passion to good work; doing what they love, perplexing something new or selecting an activity that honors a crony or family member.

In 2015, 2,300 teams took partial in earthy activities like using and biking, hobbies such as bridge, baking and reading, and honoring family members by doing some of their favorite things like fishing, sailing and dancing.

It`s not too late to register your team and join people opposite a creation in honoring those confronting a illness and their caregivers.

Go Purple!

Go Purple!



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