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Going head-to-head, Russell Westbrook manners as KD’s lapse a large loss

1:09 AM ET

OKLAHOMA CITY — Russell Westbrook and a Oklahoma City Thunder finally got one on a Golden State Warriors on Wednesday night during Chesapeake Energy Arena.

In a diversion that featured games within a game, it was a 108-91 feat for a Thunder that constructed mixed confrontations between former teammates Kevin Durant and Westbrook.

“You can’t let emotions trickle in a business,” Durant said. “You can’t do that, so we consider on a end, we only played a game, and they only played improved than us. The emotions around a court, a emotions around a arena, around a city, I’m certain was a small aloft than it was on a court. You can’t let emotions trickle in. We only had to play improved tonight.”

In his second diversion in Oklahoma City (8-9) given he became a member of a Warriors, Durant was showered with boos on being introduced in a starting lineup, and he was booed any time he overwhelmed a ball.

“It seemed flattering polite compared to final year,” Warriors manager Steve Kerr said. “It was all good, and they deserved to win, and a throng deserved to get a fun that they got out of this game.”

Golden State (13-5) had not faced an atmosphere like this all season. The Thunder jumped on a Warriors from a opening and never relinquished control. They led by as many as 26 points.

Westbrook, Carmelo Anthony and Paul George sum for 50 points in a initial half. The Warriors scored 48 as a team, their second-lowest first-half total.

Westbrook was an support brief of a triple-double, recording a game-high 34 points and 10 boards. He scored 17 of his 33 points on Stephen Curry as his primary defender.

Late in a second quarter, Westbrook denied a post entrance into Durant, and a round sailed out of bounds. Westbrook incited to a Warriors’ dais and yelled, “No!” Durant forked during Westbrook while only smiling.

Westbrook was afterwards fouled on a other finish by Draymond Green.

Green didn’t like a call, and he began clapping in a closeness of Westbrook, and a reigning MVP began clapping behind during him. The dual had a few difference before Westbrook went to a tainted line to take his shots.

In a third quarter, tempers flared even more.


Draymond Green draws a tainted opposite Russell Westbrook, though Kevin Durant interferes and shares a few difference with Westbrook.

Halfway in, Westbrook was guarding Durant on a right wing, and he roughly stole a ball, slapping it out of bounds. The dual began jawing during one another and inching closer. Soon, they were front to forehead, articulate trash.

Durant was seen saying, “You’re a p—y.” Westbrook responded, “You’re soft.” The throng went crazy, amatory any notation of it. The referees authorised a dual to sell written taunts primarily though finished adult arising a double technical. Moments later, Kerr and Green were strike with technicals.

The communication was downplayed by Durant.

“Did we watch a game, or we only attempted to watch for a scuffles?” he asked a contributor when asked about a altercation.

“The story is about a game. We lost. They kicked a ass. They played a good game. We should give them credit for how they played, and we should be better. It’s not about who’s in any other’s faces. That things is not real, so greatfully don’t trust it. All a fans, they lied to y’all. It’s about basketball, and they played a good game, and we didn’t.”

Green pronounced those confrontations are partial of a game, though he doesn’t see a indicate of double Ts.

“I will never know for a life of me a double technical,” he said. “People compensate to see [Durant and Westbrook]. we don’t know. Maybe everybody in a NBA should stop personification with passion and only go hurl a round out and play, and afterwards maybe a ratings will be great.”

Kerr benched his starters for many of a fourth quarter, surrender a loss. After a game, there were no handshakes exchanged between a dual teams. Anthony, George and Raymond Felton waved their hands out of honour in a instruction of a Warriors’ dais before retreating to a locker room.

“I got to do a improved pursuit of removing them prepared to play,” Kerr said. “We have a flattering loose, fun atmosphere over here, and that’s great, though there’s certain times where it’s like, all right, guys, let’s chuck it to a team. Let’s govern a play. Let’s remember a play, those kinds of things. we consider right now we’re only in a small bit of a rut where we’ve got to focus, and we know we will.”

Golden State incited a round over 22 times.

“Thirty-four points off turnovers, we can’t win like that,” Green said. “We didn’t play a really intelligent game. It happens.”

Curry had a team-high 24 points, and Durant combined in 21 points. Golden State leaves a four-game highway outing with a split.

Kerr was asked about a team’s thoroughness this evening.

“I’m sorry, we mislaid my thoroughness and concentration. What did we say?” he responded in jest. “It was that kind of night. We didn’t have any thoroughness or concentration. The millennials couldn’t close in tonight, and a manager couldn’t do most either. Long night for us.”

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