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Golden Globes wins can move long-term advantages to media companies

When Golden Globes horde Ricky Gervais joked Sunday night that nobody cares about a awards, he could have been articulate about Wall Street. Shares for publicly traded media companies tend not to be convinced many by one of a biggest events in uncover business.

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But a large bearing that a trophies move — an normal of 18.5 million viewers watched a Globes telecast on NBC — can lead to long-term advantages and vitalise aspects of their businesses. Here is how a biggest Globes-winning media conglomerates could advantage from their prize hauls:

21st CENTURY FOX — Trophies: A sum of 8 — 6 for a film studio and dual for TV, a many of any company. Potential upside: Three wins for “The Revenant” dovetail easily with a movie’s clever weekend during a box bureau ($40 million) as it non-stop in far-reaching recover and combined a strongest movement for any film going into a Academy Awards.

“The Martian,” a leader for suit picture, low-pitched or comedy — whose star, Matt Damon, won a Golden Globe for best actor in that difficulty — has already taken in about $596 million during a tellurian box office. The film was expelled Oct. 2 and stays in a few hundred theaters in a U.S. and Canada and is out on DVD today.

“We are positively anticipating for a boost, for sure,” pronounced Chris Aronson, boss of domestic placement for 20th Century Fox.

TV success story: Lady Gaga’s win for “American Horror Story” should inspire other party superstars to try TV, generally for a singular array on an brave channel such as FX. Such high-profile casting can emanate fad and some-more viewers for such shows. 

COMCAST — Trophies: Two for Universal Pictures’ film “Steve Jobs” and USA Network’s uncover “Mr. Robot.” Potential upside: “Mr. Robot” is during a core of USA Network’s bid to reposition itself as a wire network end for younger-skewing, bolder programming with doubtful heroes who are rebels with a cause. Winning awards helps to strengthen that effort.

“It positively gives us a lot of movement as we hurl out a subsequent era of USA shows,” network President Chris McCumber said. “It positively has a halo outcome on a network and on advertisers as well.”

“Jobs” reboot? After a film flopped during a box office, a wins for Kate Winslet and screenwriter Aaron Sorkin could revitalise seductiveness in a aftermarket for a biopic. The studio had no comment, though Sorkin noticed a endowment as vindication.

“We accepted it wasn’t for everybody,” Sorkin pronounced in an talk Sunday night. “It wasn’t going to be ‘The Martian,’ though we worked so tough on it. We only didn’t wish that to be a inscription of a movie. So this is only very, unequivocally nice,” he pronounced as forked to his trophy.

AMAZON — Trophies: Two for “Mozart in a Jungle,” including best TV series, low-pitched or comedy. Potential upside: Choosing a comedy about anticipating adore while maneuvering by a universe of exemplary song in New York City might simulate a quirky ambience of a Hollywood Foreign Press Assn. But a outcome is another streaming TV show, that many viewers substantially never listened of before Sunday, is now on a map.

“It creates some-more people wakeful of a shows and a lineup and some-more people, in turn, will come to Amazon to try it,” pronounced Roy Price, conduct of Amazon Studios. “We unequivocally saw that final year with ‘Transparent.'”

Too many TV? After wins in dual uninterrupted years with “House of Cards,” streaming use Netflix left a ballroom empty-handed Sunday, display only how rival a TV landscape is.

CBS — Trophies: One any for Showtime’s “The Affair” and CW’s “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend,” that is done by CBS Productions. Potential upside: Every endowment for Showtime’s strange programs helps boost a value of a reward monthly subscription, that is even some-more critical since CBS now offers Showtime as a streaming use that can be purchased but a wire hookup.

Gary Levine, Showtime’s boss of programming, pronounced a win for best ancillary singer Maura Tierney “reinforces a fact that ‘The Affair’ has unequivocally ascended into a top row of a best complex, peculiarity dramas.”

Perception building: CW President Mark Pedowitz, who privately discovered “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” from a destitute commander scrapheap, pronounced a win for Rachel Bloom as best singer for a TV series, low-pitched or comedy, is a vital matter for his network, a corner try of CBS and Time Warner. “It gives we larger credit for peculiarity productions,” he said.

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