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Golden State’s highway win strain snapped in Houston, though Warriors aren’t concerned

2:34 AM ET

HOUSTON — The Golden State Warriors are not endangered with a Houston Rockets after losing a deteriorate array tiebreaker in a 116-108 detriment Saturday night during Toyota Center.

Houston won a array 2-1. If both teams finish a deteriorate with matching records, a Rockets would get a aloft seed and home-court advantage should they accommodate in a postseason.

“No,” Kevin Durant responded when asked if it mattered. “The deteriorate starts over when you’re in a playoffs anyway, so it doesn’t matter. You’re going to have to get by these teams to get to where we wish to go. You have to play during home and on a road, so it unequivocally doesn’t matter. We only wish to be personification good basketball when it comes down to that point.”

Golden State (37-10), owners of a best record in a league, now binds a 3½-game lead on Houston (32-12). After a diversion in a locker room, players were dismissing a account that they forsaken a poignant game.

“It’s diversion 40-what? Seven, eight?” Draymond Green asked during a media scrum. “Who we play on Tuesday? We only got to get prepared for [New York]. Home justice will take caring of itself down a road.”

The Warriors went scoreless in a final 3 mins of a diversion and were hold to 17 points in a final quarter.

“We were perplexing to strike home runs all night, and we can’t do that opposite these guys,” Warriors manager Steve Kerr said. “On a splendid side, we know we can play a lot improved and we will.”

With a fortifying champs down 3 with 2:25 left, Klay Thompson took a tough, contested and brash 14-foot jumper that missed a edge altogether. Green was livid, and his disappointment spilled into a timeout throng seconds later.

While sitting on a bench, an charcterised Green continued voicing his exasperation with a shot selections, and Shaun Livingston stood in front of him, attempting to ease down a energy forward.

“I suspicion we could have got a improved shot then,” Green pronounced in anxiety to that descent sequence. “… It is what it is.”

Stephen Curry questioned his decision-making in a final dual mins of a game. He concurred that he missed Durant for a intensity wide-open asperse to give Thompson a 3-point event that clanked off a rim.

“And a same thing a play before that,” Curry said, “KD was entrance off a pick-and-roll, and he was butt-naked-open during a tip of a key. we done a review too soon. It was kind of only one of those nights where we privately didn’t have a right prophesy on a floor. we have to take shortcoming for that one, since it was flattering bad.”

Curry and Thompson total to fire 9-of-31 from a field. They finished with 19 and 8 points, respectively.

“Shot preference unequivocally could have been better; KD was open for a dunk, though Klay hits that shot unequivocally often,” Green pronounced of a play that would have pulled a Warriors to within one with 2:04 left. “So, I’m not going to demeanour behind and say, ‘Ah male we lost.’ … It is what it is. Should’ve, could’ve, would’ve.”

The Warriors coughed adult a round 19 times, translating to 23 points for a Rockets. Durant purebred a team-high 26 points to go with 7 play and 5 assists. Chris Paul had a game-high 33 points along with 11 rebounds and 7 assists in 35 mins of play.

Durant is tender with this new Rockets squad.

“They’re unequivocally tough,” Durant said. “I unequivocally like this team, we unequivocally like their coach, they got a good home crowd. we consider a disproportion between them final year and this year — obviously, everybody we know, everybody is going to contend CP, though they’re only personification harder. we feel like they’re personification harder on a defensive side of a ball, we feel like they’ve got versatile defenders. [Clint] Capela has gotten better. It’s only some-more than CP. They’re doing a good pursuit of meshing together.”

Whatever disappointment a Warriors were experiencing in a shutting mins evaporated once a final buzzer sounded.

The group was overjoyed to be completing this five-game, cold-weather highway trip, a final extended outing of a season. In a locker room, maestro David West asked a PR central how many games they were adult on a Rockets, and when given a answer, he replied, “Yeah, we’re good.”

That’s how a Warriors felt Saturday night.

Article source: http://www.espn.com/nba/story/_/id/22165883/warriors-worried-rockets-losing-season-series