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Google adds Q&A and laser pointer facilities to Slides apps

Google is creation a display apparatus some-more interactive.

The association introduced a new QA underline for Slides Wednesday, that allows assembly members to ask questions while they watch presentations. 

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The new QA feature, now live on Slides’ website, iOS and Android app, allows people to ask questions in real-time during presentations. 

To use a new tool, presenters contingency select to capacitate questions from within a presenter mode. Once enabled, viewers can contention questions around a URL and opinion on any other’s questions. The presenter can afterwards perspective a questions and arrange them by that have a many votes. (You can see a underline in movement in Google’s video with one of a former Science Fair winners, here.)

Image: Google

Google says it expects a underline will make it easier for people to rivet with their assembly during presentations and will make people some-more gentle seeking questions. 

If you’re presenting from Slides from a computer, we can also now take advantage of a new “laser pointer” feature, that simulates a laser pointer by overlaying a red dot onto a screen. Additionally, a Slides apps now support presenting around Chromecast, Airplay and Google Hangouts.

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Article source: http://mashable.com/2016/05/05/google-slides-q-and-a/