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Google and Levi devise intelligent coupler launch with Maps, Spotify integration


Sean Hollister/CNET

Google and Levi Strauss announced a commuter intelligent coupler that will capacitate wearers to answer phone calls, control maps, music, and more, right from a connected jacket’s sleeve.

The proclamation was done during Google I/O on Friday, where Levi pronounced a coupler will be accessible in open 2017, with a beta chronicle designed for tumble 2016.

It’s not transparent how most a commuter intelligent coupler will cost, though it will be geared toward cyclists with gesture, tap, and appropriate functionality.

Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects (ATAP) multiplication partnered with Levi to implement a Project Jacquard record announced final year, centered around connected textiles and clothing. Google says it skeleton to partner with some-more wardrobe companies, as jaunty wardrobe could have a large appeal.

CNET: Google and Levi’s group adult for commuter intelligent jacket

A demo video of a connected coupler shown on Friday demoed a bike supplement determining calls from his sleeve while biking by town.

A Jacquard sensor within a sleeve’s slap enables a connectivity, with haptic feedback and LED — charged by USB. It’s also appurtenance washable, as prolonged as we take out a sensor.

Past Google Maps and Google Play function, a twin announced Spotify and Strava have partnered for a Jacquard platform.

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