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Google launches a podcast app for Android with personalized recommendations

Google now is introducing a new standalone podcast app for Android. The app, called simply Google Podcasts, will use Google’s recommendation algorithms in an bid to bond people with shows they competence suffer shaped on their listening habits. While podcasts have formerly been permitted on Android by Google Play Music and third-party apps, Google says a association expects Podcasts to move a form to hundreds of millions of new listeners around a world. (Google Listen, an early bid to build what was afterwards called a “podcatcher” for Android, was killed off in 2012.)

“There’s still tons of room for expansion when it comes to podcast listening,” pronounced Zack Reneau-Wedeen, product manager on a app. Creating a local first-party Android app for podcasts “could as most as double worldwide listenership of podcasts overall,” he said.

Google Podcasts will demeanour informed to anyone who has used a podcast app before. It lets we hunt for new podcasts, download them, and play them during your convenience. More than 2 million podcasts will be permitted on a app on launch day, Google says, including “all of a ones you’ve listened of.”

Open a app, and a territory called “For you” shows we new episodes of shows you’ve subscribed to, episodes you’ve been listening to though haven’t finished, and a list of your downloaded episodes. Scroll down, and you’ll see tip and trending podcasts, both in ubiquitous and by category. The podcast actor has fewer fine-grained controls than we competence be used to from apps like Overcast. You can’t customize a skip buttons or emanate playlists of podcasts to listen to, for example.

The Podcasts app is integrated with Google Assistant, definition we can hunt for and play podcasts wherever we have Assistant enabled. The association will sync your place in a podcast opposite all Google products, so if we listen to half a podcast on your approach home from work, we can resume it on your Google Home once you’re behind during a house.

In a entrance months, Google skeleton to supplement a apartment of facilities to Podcasts that are powered by synthetic intelligence. One underline will supplement sealed captions to your podcast, so we can review along as we listen. It’s a underline that could be useful to people who are tough of conference or for anyone who is listening in a loud environment. (I customarily skip a few mins of a podcasts we listen to each day, interjection to a loud transport ride.)

Closed captions also meant that you’ll be means to skip forward to see what’s entrance adult after in a show. Eventually, you’ll be means to review real-time live transcriptions in a denunciation of your choice, vouchsafing we “listen” to a podcast even if we don’t pronounce a same tongue as a host.

Google also wants to enhance a series of people creation podcasts. The company’s investigate showed that usually one-quarter of podcast hosts are female, and even fewer are people of color. In an bid to variegate a field, Google shaped an eccentric advisory house that will cruise ways to foster podcast prolongation outward of a handful of vital civil areas in a United States that now browbeat a field.

Google will not compensate any creators to make podcasts directly, a association said, though it will expected try ways of giving podcasts from underrepresented creators additional promotion. It’s also examining ways to make recording apparatus some-more permitted to people who can’t means it.

If we already listen to podcasts on Google Play Music, zero will change today. But a association done it transparent that it skeleton to concentration a destiny efforts around podcasting in a standalone app.

The Android app can be downloaded here. There are now no skeleton for an iOS app.

On the Converge podcast, Google’s Mark Risher tells us because all we know about passwords is wrong.

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Correction: This essay creatively settled that Podcasts is Google’s initial podcast app for Android. In fact, Google Listen was a initial such app.

Article source: https://www.theverge.com/2018/6/19/17475878/google-podcast-app-android-download-launch-date