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Google Pixel Charging Speeds Confirmed: Only Pixel XL Charges With 18W, Pixel Restricted At 15W

Google has now finished it transparent that a Pixel is singular to 15W of charging and that usually a Pixel XL can go for 18W regulating a batch USB-PD charger.

How The Charging Speeds Were Found Out

A famous tester in a Android community, Nathan K. detected this inequality by approach of endless tests. After uncovering it, he emphasizes that a reduction will “likely have no organic impact on a use of a Sailfish.”

“Practically speaking, this will have ABSOLUTELY NO EFFECT on your daily use. The horse and phone are safe. This preference was conscious and apparently finished formed on thermal concerns,” he says.

Google Updates The Pixel Website

As this growth came to light, Android Police got in hold with Google to explain things, and apparently, not mentioning that a Pixel could assign usually during 15W was a selling blunder.

On a Pixel and Pixel XL’s technical specifications page, it now says that a USB Type-C 18W adapter supports 15W to 18W charging. Previously, it usually pronounced 18W.

Interestingly enough, David Ruddock of Android Police speculates that a group behind Pixel might have combined in a charging top in a after partial of a growth or before a firmware was finalized, and a people in assign of selling usually didn’t get a word about it on time.

The Bottom Line

To make certain everything’s clear, usually a Pixel XL can do 18W, as a Pixel is limited during 15W. However, that doesn’t meant a latter won’t broach a knowledge that Google promised, not to discuss that a 3W disproportion isn’t unequivocally most of a large deal.

What’s more, a Pixel XL has a significantly incomparable 3,450 mAh battery compared with a 5-inch model’s 2,770 mAh cell. To put dual and dual together, it’s still going to take a small longer to assign a bigger Phone by Google.

Still, a Mountain View association did arrange of destroy to divulge all a specifications of a Pixel before rolling it out, though it’s rarely doubtful that it deliberately kept a 15W-charging reduction to itself.

Before jacket things up, it’s also value mentioning that a Pixel XL was recently subjected to a charging speed test that puts it opposite a iPhone 7 Plus and a Samsung Galaxy S7 edge.

With all pronounced and done, what do we consider of a Pixel’s slower charging speed? Feel giveaway to strike us adult in a comments territory below, generally if it changes your opinion toward a Google smartphone.

At any rate, if we wish usually a facilities of a Pixel and not a phone itself, we can always install some facilities of it on your Android device.

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