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Google Pixel XL Vs. iPhone 7 Plus: Review Of Three Key Metrics

Google Pixel XL (L) and iPhone 7 Plus. (Credit: Brooke Crothers)

How does a Google Pixel XL smoke-stack adult opposite a Apple iPhone 7 Plus on 3 categorical metrics? Read on.

Note that is not a extensive examination of all a facilities on both phones. we will do a extensive long-term examination later. And for a record (iPhone fans greatfully note), we consider both phones are glorious and are dual of a best smartphones on a planet.

Intelligent Personal Assistant: Google Personal Assistant vs. Siri: The Google Pixel is a initial Android phone to use Google Assistant. But Siri continues to get improved too. Overall, we found a Pixel XL improved during responding a kinds of questions we ask. For example, when we asked what a renouned aria in a show Carmen is, Google supposing a concise, ominous answer (about Habanera). Siri simply generated a garland of hunt results. And when we asked what the pure electric “battery range” of a Chevrolet Volt is, Google supposing a impending data, while Siri generated usually links about a Volt. And Google Assistant was improved during responding questions about differences between competing technologies (e.g., OLED vs. LCD).

And Google Assistant is a hands-down leader on contextual questions, that means we can ask follow-up questions (“Who is a primary apportion of Israel? And how aged is he? And who is his wife?”).

That said, Google Assistant and Siri were mostly tied on comparatively candid questions (weather, batch quotes etc.). And both supposing a same responses to questions like, “How most sleet has Los Angeles had in 2016?”

Winner: Pixel XL.

UX (user experience): Admittedly, this is a bit ghastly though it’s one of a reasons we still preference a iPhone. The iPhone and iOS make for a stable/tight height with all a apps we would ever need. The problem is, these days we could contend roughly a same thing about a Google Pixel and Android. The Pixel XL, in fact, is eerily like iOS for a core knowledge with a core set of apps.

But here’s what tips a change in preference of a iPhone for me: that stability, tightness, and abyss of apps extends to subordinate inclination like a Apple Watch. (That said, we consider I’m one of a really tiny minority of reviewers who believes a Apple Watch is indispensable, i.e., we wear it all of a time.) So, a iPhone 7 Plus total with a Apple Watch 2 is a keeper, i.e., it creates it really tough to apart myself from a iPhone/iOS for a prolonged duration of time. And it’s what keeps me a constant iPhone user.

Winner: iPhone 7 Plus.

Article source: http://www.forbes.com/sites/brookecrothers/2016/12/31/google-pixel-xl-vs-iphone-7-plus-review-of-three-key-metrics/