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Google rebrands Apps for Work as G Suite, adds intelligent features

Google rebranded and extended a capability apartment Thursday with new intelligent capabilities that assistance it improved contest with Microsoft Office 365.

G Suite is a new name for a organisation of applications that embody Gmail, Google Calendar, Docs, Sheets, and Slides. It’s a organisation of apps that a association is perplexing to pull on organizations looking to make their employees some-more productive, with an importance on partnership capabilities.

Docs, Sheets, and Slides are any removing new facilities directed during creation it easier to emanate files quick with a assistance of Google intelligence. In addition, Google Calendar is removing an refurbish to make it easier to report meetings, and Drive has a new underline creation it easier for teams to use.

All told, these new underline launches are directed during creation a newly coined apartment some-more appealing to teams that competence be tempted to strech for Microsoft’s intelligent capability capabilities and enterprise-oriented features.

One of a many critical announcements for enterprises is a new Team Drives underline that lets organizations set adult groups that possess files inside Google Drive. It’s a change from a product’s prior design, that compulsory any document, spreadsheet or slip rug to have a singular chairman possess it. The change could be critical for organizations that wish to some-more simply conduct files as people come and go from teams.

Now, teams can have their possess folder inside Drive and can possess all of a files inside of it. Administrators can control entrance to a group Drive, and people can come and go. The underline is accessible in private beta Thursday.

In addition, a Google Hangouts video-conferencing use will benefit capabilities that make it probable for people to join meetings from any device, but wanting to have an focus or plugin installed. Right now, that functionality is also accessible in private beta.

Docs, Sheets, and Slides are any getting new Explore features directed during creation it easier to cleverly emanate documents. In Docs, a existent Research underline has been rebranded as Explore and extended to quick and automatically aspect information about a theme of a document, both from a web and from files common in Google Drive.

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