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Google Self-Driving Car Pulled Over By Police For Driving Too Slowly

Google’s self-driving automobile plan has lifted a lot of questions around reserve and a ability to equivocate accidents and attack pedestrians, though now one military officer in California has pulled over one of a unconstrained vehicles for pushing too slowly.

The occurrence happened on an eastbound lane on El Camino Real in Mountain View where Google is now contrast a swift of unconstrained vehicles. The officer beheld a car, that has a tip speed of only 25 miles per hour (mph), roving during 24mph in a 35mph zone. According to a Mountain View Police Department, “as a officer approached a delayed relocating automobile he satisfied it was a Google Autonomous Vehicle. The officer stopped a automobile and done hit with a operators to learn some-more about how a automobile was selecting speeds along certain roadways and to teach a operators about stopping traffic.”

The Mountain View Police Department says it meets frequently with Google to safeguard a vehicles work safely. Google is among a series of companies that has been postulated a permit to exam cars on open roads and as good as contrast them nearby a domicile in Silicon Valley, it is also carrying out tests in Austin, Texas.

Google says that like a officer, a operators of these vehicles get flagged down by a lot of people who are meddlesome in a vehicles, though so distant it hasn’t infringed any laws: “After 1.2 million miles of unconstrained pushing (that’s a tellurian homogeneous of 90 years of pushing experience), we’re unapproachable to contend we’ve never been ticketed,” Google pronounced in a blog post.

Google has begun edition monthly reports associated to a driverless automobile plan that has been persisting for roughly 6 years now and in that time, it has been concerned in 16 “minor accidents,” with a association claiming that not a singular one was a error of a Google car.

Article source: http://www.ibtimes.com/google-self-driving-car-pulled-over-police-driving-too-slowly-2182850


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