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Google Trips app helps heighten your travels

Google Trips, a new trip-planning and travel-guide app for Android and iOS, isn’t a TripIt torpedo it could be. The free app is, however, a estimable download for business and convenience travelers, quite those who like to map out sightseeing itineraries for their destinations.

Google Trips and TripIt (for Android, iOS, Windows, BlackBerry and web browsers) both automatically import email confirmations for hotels, airlines, let cars, restaurants, and more. And they build outing itineraries formed on those messages.

TripIt automatically imports transport email from Gmail, Outlook.com and Yahoo Mail. You can also manually brazen transport acknowledgment emails to TripIt during plans@tripit.com. Google Trips is singular to Gmail, and we contingency be logged into your Google comment to use a app. 

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TripIt bests Google Trips in email import

In my experience, TripIt does a improved pursuit importing acknowledgment emails from my Gmail account.