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Google’s Pixel XL Is Comfortably The Best Smartphone Of 2016

In a year of unbending foe from Apple, Samsung, LG and OnePlus it competence seem a bit hyperbolic to contend a Pixel XL kick a rest ‘comfortably’. But it unequivocally did.

Lots of metrics are factored in when I’m deliberation what creates a ‘good’ smartphone, or, indeed a ‘best’. Battery life, performance, camera, build quality, innovation, sound peculiarity and altogether design, among others. The some-more boxes a phone ticks, a aloft it scores.

But one cause trumps all others: how many of an all-rounder it is. That means how many of a facilities it has are ‘above-average’ or ‘good’. The final phone we deliberate to be a loyal all-rounder was a iPhone 6 Plus. Now it’s a Google Pixel XL.

The Google Pixel XL. Image credit: Jay McGregor

Google’s initial (official) bid is an considerable one. Most smartphone manufacturers have one standout underline and destroy elsewhere. For example, HTC has glorious sound outlay though opening is mostly a churned bag. Or, say, LG that has some clever, innovative ideas that come during a responsibility of build peculiarity and battery life.

With a Google Pixel XL it nails roughly each area. The camera is still a best I’ve ever used in a smartphone. The app is lacking some primer controls, though a fact that automobile mode produces nearby ideal formula means singular primer control doesn’t unequivocally matter. The battery life is also a best I’ve tested this year. we went to bed a other day with 60% battery left after 12 hours of middle usage.

Performance stays lightning fast, that is quite apparent when I’m evading into VR worlds with Day Dream. And a altogether build peculiarity is solid. It feels imperishable notwithstanding being light, slim and congested full of functionality.

Nexus inclination being ‘bland’ isn’t unequivocally an accurate trope any more. Stock Android is an considerable standalone OS that doesn’t need touching adult by third celebration manufacturers or roms to make it interesting. Nowhere else is that some-more apparent than a Pixel XL. The formation of Assistant, quick updates and confidence rags and minimalist UI gives a Pixel XL a cleanest – and many fit – Android knowledge on a market.

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Article source: http://www.forbes.com/sites/jaymcgregor/2016/12/29/googles-pixel-xl-is-comfortably-the-best-smartphone-of-2016/