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GOP administrator certifies Democratic feat though scrawls ‘election stolen’ on certificate

Outgoing Republican Maine Gov. Paul LePage approved a contested House competition Friday, though he didn’t do it though complaint.

“I’ve sealed off on a CD2 choosing outcome as it’s no longer in sovereign court,” LePage tweeted, pity a print of a certificate annotated with a word “stolen election.” “Ranked Choice Voting didn’t outcome in a loyal infancy as promised-simply a comparison totalled differently. It didn’t keep large income out of politics didn’t outcome in a some-more polite election.”

LePage’s pierce comes after Rep. Bruce Poliquin, R-Maine, forsaken his authorised plea to a ranked-choice voting routine in a state and conceded to his Democratic opponent, Rep.-elect Jared Golden, on Christmas Eve. Poliquin, a two-term congressman for Maine’s 2nd Congressional District, won some-more sum votes than Golden in a initial count though was not a infancy leader. Poliquin afterwards mislaid to Golden in a second turn of tabulation in that ballots for trailing possibilities went toward voters’ second choice.

After 8 years in Maine’s governor’s mansion, LePage, 70, was barred from seeking re-election due to tenure limits. As a finish of his time in bureau approached, he announced he would be moving to Florida since taxation was reduce there.

He will be transposed in Jan by Democratic state Attorney General Janet Mills. She will be Maine’s initial womanlike administrator and a initial Democrat to reason statewide bureau in some-more than a decade.

LePage leaves his position after gaining a repute for stirring controversy. In 2016, he left a state lawmaker an expletive-laden voicemail in response to accusations he was a racist. That same year, LePage pronounced drug dealers soak “white girls” and that some-more than 90 percent of drug dealers arrested in Maine were black or Hispanic.

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