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Grace in politics? What’s next, honesty?

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Did we notice something surprising about Vice President-elect Mike Pence’s response to removing a harangue from a expel during a finish of a opening of a low-pitched “Hamilton?”

It happens so occasionally that we competence not have famous it, though given a event to publicly press a grievance, Pence let a matter drop.

And there it fell. It was a knock that could have been used for days to kick down domestic rivals, beget magnetism from his possess side and to lift income and Pence only left it there, as invalid as a powdered wig during a beast lorry rally.

It is a epoch of protest politics and Pence, ahem, threw divided his shot.

Brandon Dixon, who plays Aaron Burr in a play, silenced members of a assembly booing Pence and explained to a Indiana administrator that a expel members were “alarmed and endangered that your new administration will not strengthen us, a planet, a children, a relatives or urge us and defend a inalienable rights.”

In a crummy diversion of snub cultivation that passes for politics in America today, this is perfect: a repremand rivalry (liberal, artistic elites), a repremand environment (New York), a repremand spin of media seductiveness (the hottest Broadway uncover in decades) and Pence was totally trusting in a confrontation.

For offenses distant smaller, a domestic snub incessant suit appurtenance has pumped out weeks and weeks of calm until each prohibited take had incited cold, a clickbait pail was dull and each fundraising email shock had been sent.

But Pence unilaterally disarmed, even as a president-elect was display him how it was done, demanding an apology from a expel of a “highly overrated” musical.

Why anyone would caring to have an reparation from finish strangers would be a poser in genuine life. Why we would wish one from “overrated” ones would be even some-more confusing – during slightest outward of a universe of politics.

Inside politics, that consumes and ever-larger apportionment of America’s bandwidth, it is no mystery. Every slight, genuine or perceived, is a weapon.

Imagine you’re on a college campus before Halloween and a atmosphere is complicated with portent. Over here are students available a possibility to be annoyed by sexist/racist/culturally appropriative/etc. costumes. Over there are a students who demeanour brazen to triggering a P.C. military and afterwards being angry during a repression. Both sides get what they want: courtesy and serve acknowledgment about a awfulness of a other side.

It would be bad and unhappy adequate if it were only campus craziness, though it is everywhere.

The expel of “Hamilton,” was positively personification to form with a cocksure countenance of indignation. And so too was a Trump believer who interrupted a Chicago opening of a uncover to wryly observe: “We won! You Lost! Get over it! F**k you!”

This is what it sounds like when life imitates Twitter.

We all have lots and lots of feelings, though don’t act on them or even customarily demonstrate them. And this is something we once adorably referred to as “civilization.”

Does a humming of a male on a sight make we feel like violence him about a conduct and shoulders with your umbrella? Fine! Just keep your bumbershoot to yourself.

Did we only tumble totally in adore with a many heart-stoppingly beautiful chairman to travel into a furnish territory during a Kroger? No worries! Just don’t mount over a raise of papayas to demonstrate your crush.

Do we find your children’s try to learn a new ability unintentionally hilarious? It’s cool! You’re a bad person, though we already knew that. Just keep shouting on a inside and nodding sincerely on a outside.

What amicable media is training people is that their opinions matter. By and large, they do not. Almost never, in fact. Your mind is a Victoria Falls-sized escape of thoughts and insights. Most of it is of no value, even to you. This is given a aforementioned civilization prolonged hold that it was ridiculous and counterproductive to declaim forth. It was deliberate improved to keep your opinions to yourself as many as goodness and reserve would allow.

Now, Twitter asks we to “share your unpopular opinion” as a matter of personal liberation. Gee, thanks.

Feelings matter, generally a feelings of a people we love. When a complacency is contingent on a joys and sorrows of a people with whom we share a heart, feelings unequivocally matter.

What matters reduction are a opinions.

Opinions are oppulance items. And we never ought to have some-more than we can afford.

“Energy in a Executive is a heading impression in a clarification of good government.” Alexander Hamilton, Federalist No. 70

You competence know Henry David Thoreau as a ascetic repremand of Walden Pond, delivering breezy pronouncements about a approach things ought to be. But did we know that he was perplexing to be funny? That’s the argument from censor M. Allen Cunningham: “Strangely enough, during Henry’s lifetime his problem was precisely a opposite: his assembly had schooled to expect laughs whenever he seemed in imitation or rose to speak. … Following lectures in Salem and Gloucester in 1848, a reviews were unanimous. His Salem talk, as reported in a internal Observer, was “done in an excellent manner, in a aria of artistic humor, with a clever undercurrent of ethereal joke opposite a follies of a times. Then there were a interspersed observations, speculations, and suggestions on dress, fashions, food, dwellings, furniture, c., c., amply odd to keep a assembly in roughly consistent mirth…”

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WaPo: “Turkey is a republic in crisis, scarred by supervision crackdowns following a unsuccessful manoeuvre try and on a intensity collision march with a West. It is also home to a profitable income tide for a president-elect’s business empire: Trump Towers Istanbul. Donald Trump’s association has been paid adult to $10 million by a tower’s developers given 2014 to hitch a Trump name atop a oppulance complex, whose owner, one of Turkey’s biggest oil and media conglomerates, has spin an successful megaphone for a country’s increasingly odious regime. That, ethics advisers said, army a Trump formidable into an rare nexus: as both a intensity channel for dealmakers seeking to curry preference with a Trump White House and a intensity aim for attacks or confidence risks overseas.”

[Trump met with Indian business partners final week as boss elect, reports a NYT.]

Scott Brown meets with President-elect Trump currently in New York. The former Massachusetts Senator is reportedly being deliberate for secretary of veterans affairs.

–Trump’s assembly report currently also includes: former Gov. Rick Perry, Gov. Mary Fallin, Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, Elaine Chou, and Newt Gingrich

–The second call of presidential transition “Landing Teams” is slated to couple adult with supervision agencies as Trump pivots to Domestic and Economic care positions.

“I consider that if Hillary Clinton had won a choosing afterwards I’d only spin over a keys …I consider now we have some shortcoming to during slightest offer my warn to those who will continue to be inaugurated officials about how a D.N.C. can assistance rebuild, how state parties and on-going organizations can work together.” President Obama on his destiny purpose from an speak with a New Yorker.

On outing to Russia, Michael Flynn, pronounced ‘who knows’ if Syria gas conflict was ‘false flag’ – CNN

Trump assembly with Indian business partners raises eyebrows – NYT

Which senators are a many expected to mangle celebration ranks in a Trump era? FiveThirtyEight

House GOP sets desirous goals for post-inaugural process pull – Politico

Melania and Baron Trump to sojourn in NY until finish of propagandize year Fox News

Trump’s presidential participation means a retrofit for Midtown ManhattanWaPo

Facebook walks law invulnerability tightrope as feign news proliferates NYT

“We have followed your mainstay for a while…..we are generally elegant that we views are positive, accessible and given in a suggestion of providing humor, knowledge, and unequivocally pointy domestic insight. we have review each one of your emails! We would like to see a tv gig continue with Dana, it was unequivocally good done. What are your thoughts about perplexing to manipulate a votes Of a Electors on Dec 19th? There competence be a array if they spin to Clinton…” – Josh Frey, Coto de Caza, Calif.

[Ed. note: Thank you, Mr. Frey! And we will be certain to pass your good wishes on to Dana. We desired doing a show, though seven-day weeks are one of a things we will happily leave in a debate season! As for supposed “faithless electors,” it is substantially mostly anticipation on a partial of Clinton supporters. Almost all states connect their electorate to a winners of their renouned vote, enforced by penalties imposed after a fact. While that wouldn’t indispensably forestall mass defections, it positively provides substantial disincentives. One suspects that a lax speak about unreliable electorate is of a same kind that suggested Republicans could skip Trump’s assignment during a convention.]

“Please tell me that we are not going to be governed by posts to Twitter or Facebook.  How many millions of Americans contempt amicable media and select not to give their bland business to anybody wishing to review it.  Mr Trump seems to be a advocate of Twitter and he needs to learn that rising off on that media is not a approach to reach his supporters.” – Bill Norwood, Ozark, Mo.

[Ed. note: Well, Mr. Norwood, Trump competence indicate to his doubtful success as a extended confirmation of his coherence on amicable media to expostulate his message. Trump gets a two-fer out of Twitter. First, he gets to promulgate directly with supporters and figure perceptions though a filter. But then, a press picks adult on a twitter and circulates it even some-more broadly. As to possibly we will be ruled by amicable media, a answer is no. But given stream trends, we are expected to continue to be ruled by those with poise of it.]

“When a senator or a deputy is comparison for a cupboard post and subsequently confirmed, who decides who replaces him or her in a parliament or a house?  Thank you.” – E. Carbone, Annapolis, Md.

[Ed. note: There are some variations, though generally speaking, governors decide. Every state has a possess laws for how shortly special elections to fill vacancies have to be held. But it is a arch executives of a several states who generally get to collect a evident replacements]

“Mr. Stirewalt, You merit a prefix. we am enjoying a Halftime Report so many that we wanted to appreciate you. Your work creates me hear a dry aged autocracy bell toll somewhere off in a stretch and is a pleasure to read. Very good pursuit sir.  Great stuff, interjection again.” – Howell Seegar, Phenix City, Ala.

[Ed. note: Tremendously high praise, Mr. Seegar! (And we assume we don’t meant we consider I’m cracked…)]

“The approach we listened it: ‘You idiot!  Pie are round!  Cornbread are square!’ I suffer a amusement enclosed in a HTR though like a story lessons even more.  Keep adult a good work.” Harold Richardson, Montgomery, Ala.

[Ed. note: A apart vessel for cornbread? Mr. Richardson, we all are flattering imagination down in Alabama! In Wood County, W.Va. they know we prepare your cornbread in a cast-iron skillet only as black as a bear’s backside. And if you’re unequivocally doing it right, we put a skillet in a oven with a small (okay, a lot) of bacon douse in it while we brew a batter. The hiss and cocktail when we flow a beat in is a ideal guarantee of a bottom membrane that can mount adult to my mom’s ham-bone bean soup.]

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AP: “A bank pirate dubbed a ‘spelling bee bandit’ given a records he’s upheld to tellers enclose a same misspelling is being sought for 4 robberies in Massachusetts. The FBI says a man’s records have only one word: ‘robery’ with one ‘B.’ His latest aim was a TD Bank in Peabody on Sunday. He’s also suspected of attack banks in Arlington, Reading and Burlington given Oct. 31. In all a robberies, he’s ragged sunglasses and possibly a ball shawl or hood. He’s described as white, in his late 30s or early 40s, between 5-feet, 11 inches, and 6-feet-2. The FBI says it’s endangered given a man’s apropos increasingly assertive toward a tellers. The prerogative is adult to $1,000.”

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