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Greece debt crisis: EU limit cancelled as talks continue

A limit of all European Union members designed for Sunday has been cancelled as “very difficult” talks over a third bailout understanding for Greece continue.

Eurozone financial ministers shelved a talks final night and they are now resuming.

European Council boss Donald Tusk said a assembly of Eurogroup leaders would go forward during 14:00GMT and “last until we interpretation talks on Greece”.

Without a deal, it is feared Greece could pile-up out of a euro.

The BBC’s Jonny Dymond in Brussels says that frequency have EU meetings been cancelled during such brief notice and with such a succinct announcement.

Marathon talks on Saturday had finished though agreement and Eurogroup personality Jeroen Dijsselbloem described negotiations as “very difficult”.

“We have had an in-depth contention of a Greek proposals, a emanate of credit and trust was discussed and also of march financial issues involved, though we haven’t resolved a discussions,” Mr Dijsselbloem, who heads a Eurogroup of financial ministers, told reporters.

“It is still unequivocally formidable though work is in progress.”

Talks were scheduled to resume during 09:00 GMT.

The measures submitted in a latest Greek document include:

  • tax arise on shipping companies
  • unifying VAT rates during customary 23%, including restaurants and catering
  • phasing out oneness extend for pensioners by 2019
  • €300m ($332m; £216m) counterclaim spending cuts by 2016
  • privatisation of ports and sell-off of remaining shares in telecoms hulk OTE
  • scrapping 30% taxation mangle for wealthiest islands

Will a understanding be reached?

Why did Greece reason a referendum?

Did Greeks unequivocally destroy to compensate 89.5% of taxes?

European Commission Vice President Valdis Dombrovskis pronounced it was “utterly unlikely” a charge would be achieved in Sunday’s assembly to start grave negotiations on a third bailout.

Finnish Finance Minister Alexander Stubb pronounced he was “still hopeful” of a understanding though that on a scale of one to 10, Greece and a eurozone were “somewhere between 3 and four” on achieving a deal.

Dimitrios Papadimoulis, vice-president of a European Parliament and a member of Greece’s statute Syriza party, reacted angrily to a eurozone’s proceed in a talks so far.

“What is during play here is an try to disparage Greece and Greeks, or to overpower a [Alexis] Tsipras government,” he said.


Greece is seeking creditors for €53.5bn ($59.47bn; £38.4bn) to cover a debts until 2018.

However, a volume of a new bailout could strech €74bn as Greece seeks a restructuring of a large debt, that it says is unsustainable.

Greece in numbers


Greece’s debt towering


European bailout

  • 177% country’s debt-to-GDP ratio

  • 25% tumble in GDP given 2010

  • 26% Greek stagnation rate

Of a €74bn, €58bn could come from a EU’s bailout fund, a European Stability Mechanism, with €16bn from a IMF, sources have said.

The Greek supervision final week set out a new list of purgation measures to try to secure a bailout – many of that had been deserted by a Greek people in a referendum final Sunday.

Greek Finance Minister Euclid Tsakalotos is attending a talks in Brussels, perplexing to remonstrate his counterparts that his supervision can be devoted to pull by their mercantile remodel plan.

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