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Greece Offers Russians Long-Term Schengen Visas

Greece has changed to offer Russians long-term Schengen visas to boost an already substantial traveller upsurge from Russia, a Interfax news group reported Thursday.

Those Russians who have already done during slightest one outing to a European Union will be means to request for multiple-entry visas current for 3 or 5 years, Interfax reported, citing Nikos Ksidakis, a emissary conduct of a Greek Foreign Ministry.

Amid bans on flights to Turkey and Egypt — formerly Russia’s dual many renouned traveller destinations — a series of Russian travelers to Greece has skyrocketed. Ten thousand Russian tourists trafficked to Greece in March, an boost of 523.6 percent from Mar 2015, according to a Russian Tour Operators Association.

Ksidakis pronounced that Greece is prepared for a increasing traveller upsurge from Russia.

“Despite a tiny problems that were reported in early May, during a impulse we are means to cope with all of a direct from Russian tourists. We can emanate adult to 10,000 visas daily,” he said, Interfax reported.

In late April, a Russian Tourism Industry Union reported that a Greek Consulate in Moscow had problems coping with a increasing series of applications from Russian tourists.

Article source: http://www.themoscowtimes.com/article/571225.html