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Greek Consulate Overwhelmed With Applications for May Holidays

The Greek Consulate in Moscow is incompetent to cope with a series of papers submitted by Russians intending to transport in time for a May holidays, a Interfax news group reported Monday.

The consulate has perceived some-more than 10,000 passports, according to a Russian Union of Travel Industry press secretary, Irina Turina. Amid a overflow of documents, a consulate is means to routine 800 passports daily, a Slon news website reported Monday.

Typically, a visa centre receives around 400 visitors, however, on Friday 22nd, field totalled 2,600. Hopeful holidaymakers stood in line outward a visa centre on Nikitsky Boulevard for 5 hours, a Slon news website reported, citing Interfax.

“It’s easy to calculate how many days will be indispensable to emanate 10,000 visas. Employees do not adequate time to hoop incoming requests” Turin pronounced Monday.

“The consulate does not now have a additional staff accessible to a Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs during high season. We usually have 3.5 operative days left before a May Holidays”, Turin added.

The high series of applications are a approach outcome of a transport bans imposed by Russia. In Nov 2015, a anathema was placed on all transport to Egypt after a Russian craft was brought down by a militant explosve over a Sinai peninsula. Similarly, a anathema was imposed on transport to Turkey after a Russian Su-24 conflict jet was shot down in Syria by a Turkish Air Force.

Article source: http://www.themoscowtimes.com/article/567155.html