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Hands On With Destiny 2 On PC

If we were anticipating for something dramatically opposite from Bungie’s many ballyhooed Destiny sequel, we bewail to surprise we that Destiny 2 is still Destiny. If we unequivocally like Destiny, of course, that’s not such terrible news.


This morning we headed over to a Jet Center in Los Angeles to attend Bungie and Activision’s large phenomenon eventuality for Destiny 2. The game’s executive Luke Smith came out on theatre to betray a supplement with a integrate of CGI videos and pre-rendered gameplay demos, that played during blunt-force volume on a large shade behind him. Shortly after a display concluded, we got to indeed play a game.

Here’s what we played, all on PC:


  • The initial goal of a singleplayer campaign, that is a same thing everybody during home saw during a start of the large debut.
  • A diversion of a new 4v4 rival PvP mode Countdown, where teams have to possibly arm or lame bombs to win rounds. First to take 6 rounds wins.
  • A three-player mild strike called “The Inverted Spire,” in that my dual teammates and we (Waypoint’s Austin Walker and Giant Bomb’s Jeff Gerstmann, as it happened) fought a proceed by a drilling site on a world Nessus.

Here’s what we thought:

It’s furious personification Destiny on PC.

I’ve played hundreds of hours of Destiny on PS4 with a controller. we know it improved than any video diversion I’ve ever played, and a controls have turn second nature. The feel of a diversion during 30fps, also second nature. Because of that, personification on PC during 60fps with a rodent and keyboard felt wild to me. Aiming is totally different. Your arms usually handles differently on PC with a rodent and keyboard, and there’s many reduction kick. My whole proceed to transformation was different—console controls rewarded leveling out your sights and strafing right and left, while a combined pointing of a rodent and keyboard altered how fast we could 0 in on my target. Side note: Scout Rifles are unequivocally fun with a rodent and keyboard.


The demo seemed good optimized on PC, using during what felt to me like during slightest a sealed 60fps. we didn’t detect a singular slack in a story mission, during a strike, or during PvP. we was also means to simply remap a controls, that was good, given some of a defaults were a small weird.

Above: The default rodent and keyboard controls, that were unequivocally easy to remap in a options menu.

From a pattern standpoint, all we played could have been in a Destiny expansion. Watching it run on during a common 30fps on PS4, it’s fundamentally usually some-more Destiny. Sure, a UI has been tweaked, and there are a few new abilities. But generally speaking, this demo walks, talks, and quacks like Destiny. But while a diversion we was personification wasn’t many opposite from a Destiny I’ve sank so many hours into, a disproportion on PC unequivocally was dramatic. The PC chronicle doesn’t have a organisation recover date, nonetheless once all 3 versions are out, it’s going to be tough to endorse that chronicle to hang with.

The initial story goal feels like a juiced up Taken King.

The story goal we played felt a lot like a start of a Taken King expansion, nonetheless with aloft stakes. Some Cabal jerks have come out of nowhere and pounded a Tower, and everything’s on fire. The goal has that informed “run brazen as things raze and scripted events play out” kind of feel. It’s unequivocally beguiling to run opposite a Tower dance and see it lonesome in rubble and fiery debris. Look, it’s those plants we used to burst by while we wanted for everybody to get prepared to raid! They’re on fire. Bye, plants.


The goal was laced via with cinematic moments that, again, relate a feel of that initial Taken King mission. The Titan Zavala was holding down a installation nearby where we used to get bounties, and called for for me to take cover in his bubble. (I unsuccessful to do this, and died. It was an anticlimax.) we fought some waves of enemies, afterwards Ikora Rey incited adult and nuked some Cabal dudes. we fought some some-more waves of enemies and Amanda Holliday came and picked me up. It was all slick, if familiar. You’re not accurately fighting alongside any of these characters—Zavala stands still like a drudge and fundamentally acts as a Titan burble generator. Ikora appears and afterwards leaves, all scripted. After Amanda picked me up, we landed on a boat and fought some some-more Cabal before erratic into a room assigned by a new large bad guy. we didn’t unequivocally see his face, and a demo ended.

The new three-weapon complement is interesting: Instead of a primary/special/heavy contingent of Destiny 1, we now have slots for a kinetic gun, an appetite gun, and a special gun. Both kinetic and appetite guns can be what used to be famous as primary weapons. You can hurl with a kinetic beat purloin and an arc scout. Or a kinetic automobile rifle, and a solar pulse. The upshot is that we go into conflict with dual primary-type weapons, nonetheless it also means that if we wish a sniper purloin or a shotty, we can’t also have a rocket launcher or a grenade launcher.

I’m not certain how we feel about a new arms complement yet. we unequivocally favourite seamlessly swapping between a palm cannon and a director rifle, nonetheless didn’t like carrying to chose between a sniper purloin or a rocket launcher. A lot will count on a accumulation of kinetic and appetite weapons Bungie comes adult with. The usually guns we had were a common scout, pulse, auto, and palm cannon. Those same informed weapons, some-more than maybe anything else, unequivocally done it feel like we was personification a same diversion I’ve been personification for 3 years.


I played a new Warlock Dawnblade subclass in a story mission, that replaces Sunsinger as a Warlock’s solar subclass. Your abilities menu is laid out a bit differently, with super, grenade, jump, and ubiquitous stats distant out into clusters. The blueprint seems like an improvement. The fiery sword super is flattering fun, and feels a lot like Titan hammers. Which is a good thing.

Each category now has a category ability that they’ll have regardless of subclass. Warlocks can dump a sentinel on a belligerent that can boost your stats or reanimate you. It was good to have, nonetheless we kept forgetful to use it. Old Destiny habits die hard, and new Destiny habits are tough to acquire.

Stray thoughts on a story mission:



  • I attempted out a new grenade launcher, and can endorse it is a video diversion grenade launcher. You fire grenades, they arc by a air, and blow up. It’s cool! Not diversion changing, nonetheless cool.
  • The Warlock burst is noticeably some-more spritely than in a initial game. It’s not utterly a Titan jump, nonetheless it’s a plain improvement.
  • My impression had spots for dual forms of currency: spark and “Strange Dust.” Glimmer looks a same as ever, and a menu described Strange Dust as “Remnants of absolute items. Used to urge or trade for other items.” Sounds like you’ll get Strange Dust from violation down rigging we don’t want, and will have to use it to ascent items. Or maybe we have to mangle down Strange Coins?
  • What creates a dirt strange? I’m not sure. we wish to know, though. Like, how bizarre is this dust? Anyway.
  • There’s a new mark in your register for your house banner, that I’m presumption will work with a sequel’s extended house integration. Other than that, a register spots were all a same.

The new crucible mode plays like an stretched Salvage.

Not to keep harping on a PC thing, nonetheless PvP was where Destiny 2 felt many dramatically opposite with a rodent and keyboard. Lining adult headshots and aiming while jumping are unequivocally opposite propositions. Competitive play brings all of a game’s mechanics into pointy relief, and it’s unequivocally where we felt a PC disproportion a most.

The Crucible diversion mode we played was called Countdown. Two teams of 4 take turns between activating and fortifying bombs or assaulting and disarming them. There are dual probable explosve sites any round. You can revitalise your teammates, so a whole thing feels like a somewhat tweaked Salvage mode. I’ve never desired Salvage, nonetheless usually during a initial glance, Countdown seemed some-more fun.


I played as a Hunter this time around, with gunslinger as a usually accessible subclass. It felt unequivocally familiar—double jump, tripmines, and a same super as ever. The hunter’s category ability is a shadestep-like dodge, nonetheless we wasn’t tighten to informed adequate with how it worked to get many mileage out of it. Nice to have that form of pierce accessible opposite all Hunter subclasses, though.

The new strike was a best thing we played.

The strike, called “The Inverted Spire,” took place on one of a new locations, a Vex-ified world Nessus. It was unequivocally many a Destiny strike—go brazen toward a grey dot, quarrel enemies, get past a few opposite challenges, finish on a boss.

The strike was good designed, with a lot of nifty surprises and cold fights. It had some leaping between levitating platforms, and several man-cannons that dismissed us opposite immeasurable chasms. My favorite bit took place in a center of a large drilling operation. We had to make a proceed opposite a outrageous hole, dodging large overhanging cavalcade arms as they swung a way. A strike from a cavalcade would kill me instantly, so we had to keep my eyes adult and ceaselessly immigrate to keep from dying. All a while, gang and annoy enemies were sharpened during me and any other. It was a best arrange of chaos, and a usually place where my fireteam wiped.

The final trainer quarrel was a multi-stage kind of deal, and also a lot of fun. A outrageous Vex minotaur (maybe a Chronovore?) teleported in and began stomping around and sharpened during us as Goblins and Harpies teleported in. Standard stuff, until he stomped additional tough and a building vanished. Down we fell, hundreds of yards to a new round arena. In came some-more enemies, and a trainer started encircling around us. Once again he stomped out a floor, and we forsaken into a third locus for a final showdown. It was a good proceed to top off an altogether gratifying strike.



The Inverted Spire was a best thing we played during a preview event, nonetheless like all else it felt familiar. These were still a same Vex, with blank shields and unprotected juiceboxes. These were also fundamentally a same Cabal, with their ideally poppable heads and their blooby arms usually off to a side of their shields. The trainer was still usually a big-ass Vex man surrounded by a garland of smaller Vex guys. we saw a integrate opposite rivalry types, including a Cabal with a incomparable emplaced defense and another wielding what looked a hulk beef cleaver. But on a whole, The Inverted Spire could’ve been a Destiny 1 strike.

In Conclusion

I’ve usually seen a splinter of Destiny 2. The preview build we played was blank a lot of facilities that will presumably be in a final game. we couldn’t closely inspect my guns, or entrance any pages other than a categorical register page, let alone revisit a new city vendors or try any of a new, allegedly sprawling unit areas.

Based on what we played, Destiny 2 seems some-more like a reset than a sequel. Reset a gear, reset a balance, reset a characters and a levels. Clear a table, well-spoken out a cloth, and start fresh. That might not be such a bad thing, quite given that Bungie has presumably gotten a lot improved during handling this arrange of diversion given they launched Destiny behind in 2014. After 3 years of amassed cruft, Destiny was prepared for a purify start. we saw elements of that purify start in all we played today, even if we didn’t see anything all that new.

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