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Have yourself a large assisting of GMOs: #tellusatoday

A news from a National Academies of Science found genetically engineered crops (or GMOs, genetically mutated organisms) are protected for humans and animals to consume. Facebook comments are edited for clarity, length and grammar:

Not shopping this report. These corporate entities are so outrageous and tied to a government, they could buy any “facts” they want.

Mike Gryka

GMO food creates cultivation cheaper and increases stand yields. This is utterly profitable to people whose lives literally count on arguable harvests.

Bobby McCarthy

Now we wish people will stop facing a requirement to tag GMOs. Even if GMOs are good for me, it should still be adult to me to confirm what goes in my body.

Jerome Jenkins



It’s not a GMO; it’s a pesticides a crops are doused in that make a GMO crops bad for people. So a investigate avoids a apparent question: Is that food reduction healthy to eat when it reaches your plate?


Brian Draiger

When humans manipulate, or try to manipulate, nature, bad things occur some-more mostly than not. I’m some-more endangered about a effects on plants, animals and insects — quite honeybees.

Mike Sullivan

I still consider it’s critical to tag dishes that have GMOs. People have a right to know.

Cam Garside

“Non-GMO” and “organic” are a usually labels we need.

— Pat McCord

GMOs all by themselves shouldn’t worry anybody that much. What should worry people are a fertilizers and some of a pesticides used.

James D. Jarvis



We asked a supporters their thoughts on scientists observant GMOs are protected to eat. Comments from Twitter are edited for clarity and grammar:


Anyone who has a event should be flourishing some of their possess food.


Just tag food and let a consumer confirm for themselves.


There hasn’t been adequate time spent study GMO expenditure to know long-term side effects.


It’s adult to people if they wish to devour food with GMOs.


Only a dope would trust they are safe. All food should be organic and GMO free.


GMOs operation from processed dishes to seedless watermelons. People are misinformed.


Our many exposed race lacks a resources to equivocate variable consequences from a expenditure of GMOs.


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