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He Lived as a Transgender Woman for Over 20 Years Until He Heard God Speak to Him

(Photo: Tranzformed/Screengrab)Jeffrey Johnston, former transgender woman, describes his tour in documentary “Tranzformed.”

Editor’s Note: This is Part 3 in a Christian Post array on how Christians should respond to transgenderism. Part 3 will demeanour during a testimonies of dual former transgender persons in apart stories. Read Part 1, Part 2 and a first testimony for Part 3.

Jeffrey Johnston, a Maine local who used to be famous as “Janelle,” pronounced that when it comes to ministering to transgender people “it’s all about a adore of God.”

Raped during age 9 by one of his father’s employees, a clever passionate difficulty raid a immature Jeffrey and set him on a dim and uneasy trail toward all kinds of relational dysfunction, obsession and heartache.

He was raped for about dual some-more years until his relatives divorced and he altered out of a residence with his mom and sister. He was afterwards no longer around a male that worked for his dad, so he could no longer be violated. But a mishap and difficulty intensified.

He left home during 17 and altered to Portland, Maine, where he visited a happy bar and met some transgender individuals, primarily meditative that they were biologically female. As he describes in a documentary “TranZformed,” he found himself carrying these thoughts going by his mind — desiring that God had finished a mistake, and that indeed he was a lady trapped in a man’s body.

“Between a age of 9 and 17 we had a lot of difficulty going on in my mind,” Johnston recalled. “I kept seeking myself since do we like other boys?”

“Well, when you’re that immature and you’re being raped that’s all we know about sex. That’s all we knew about sex.”

While vital in Portland, he would be raped again by 4 group repeatedly, dual of whom he knew, compounding a gender difficulty even more.

As time upheld he became some-more assured that he was a woman. He was introduced to an endocrinologist and when he was 18 he began a two-year hormone regimen, that was a endorsed length of time before any alloy would cruise any kind of surgical procession to change his body.

Johnston started vital as “Janelle,” a transgender woman, and altered all of his authorised papers to conform with his life as a woman. He would eventually bear medicine to accept breast implants, got a nose job, and had silicone injected into his lips and cheeks.

He mentioned in a pronounce with CP that nonetheless his relatives had taken him to a Pentecostal church for a time when he was a boy, in his girl and immature adulthood he had no grid for a devout things or influences around him that influenced him mentally.

After dual years of hormones he altered from Portland to Boston, Massachusetts. He had no pursuit prospects though another transgender crony helped him get a pursuit as a stripper.

(Photo: Courtesy of Jeffrey Johnston)Jeffrey Johnston as “Janelle”

“It’s not something I’m unapproachable of though we did for over 20-something years,” Johnston recounted.

“And when we theme yourself to that lifestyle of drugs, ethanol and harlotry customarily tumble hand-in-hand.”

This was Johnston’s life from age 19 to 41.

Johnston, now 53, remembers that when a Twin Towers were struck on 9/11 he was during a quite dim place in his life where he was bending on impulse cocaine, powder cocaine, Oxycontin, heroin, and methadone. He was going to a methadone sanatorium daily.

While on a train on a approach to a sanatorium on one sole day around this time, he started great uncontrollably and he didn’t know why. These great episodes on a train persisted for a few days and not prolonged after that he got into an evidence with a womanlike crony of his and she pushed him head-first down a moody of stairs.

“It was so bad there during a feet of a stairs we was disfigured and disfigured up,” Johnston recalled.

And afterwards something he describes as abnormal happened. Something came over Johnston and miraculously untwisted his physique and he somehow felt no pain.

“All of a remarkable we had this suspicion in my mind that God had to have been with me,” he said, and he managed to get home. But a pain from a injuries he had postulated began environment in so he went to a puncture room.

After signing himself in he beheld that he was a usually one there in a watchful room. Banged adult and bruised, he stumbled over to an adjacent room to get a wheelchair and when he returned to a watchful area he saw a tiny aged male and tiny aged lady, who he believes were angels.

The tiny lady came over and put her palm on his shoulder and asked him “Honey, do we know Jesus?”

“And during that indicate in time in my life we only lied to her and pronounced ‘Oh yeah, we know him well,” Johnston pronounced with a laugh, when in law he “did not have a clue.”

“I only knew he was someone who died on a cranky for sin.”

The lady smiled and pronounced “Thank you,” incited around and sat down. Johnston never saw her or a aged male again.

He saw a doctor, left a sanatorium and returned home. Everywhere he walked in his unit he listened a still tiny voice contend to him over and over again “Do we know Jesus? Do we know Jesus?”

Whether he was in a bathroom, a kitchen, or a vital room he could not shun this whinging voice.

The voice persisted for a week though Johnston kept ignoring it.

Yet he finally relented and finished a deal, saying: “This is what I’ll do. I’ll spin a Christian TV channel on … and I’ll watch [a uncover he had listened about] and I’ll learn about Jesus.” He remembers seeking himself if he unequivocally knew Christ or knew of Him, and on seeking himself that question, a still tiny voice fell silent.

By this indicate in his life, Johnston was in such bad health and in so most pain and torture that he indispensable a splash of methadone in sequence to duty in life. A suspicion came to his mind one day during this deteriorate that maybe he competence have sole his essence to a demon and felt this voice competence be God.

“I said, ‘Well, if we can only assistance me God, [help me] get by these subsequent 3 days.'” He could not lapse to a methadone sanatorium for these 3 days since of an emanate with a crack in his contract, he said.

Johnston finished it by those 3 days. But it got bad, as he gifted countless earthy convulsions and serious flesh spasms in his legs.

“I contingency have had a demon during that indicate in my life since a rivalry knew that a Holy Spirit was vocalization to me,” Johnston said.

The devout crusade was fierce. He recounted an arise where “this suggestion had me branch my conduct fiercely to a left, afterwards fiercely to a right. And I’d start growling like a wolf. I’d be fibbing on my behind and my behind would arch adult — it was only awful.”

So Johnston started articulate to God and incited on a Christian TV channel as he had betrothed he would do and a priest who was ministering said: “Even if we are fibbing there in your bed, get right adult out of your bed and put your palm on a TV and contend this request with us.”

“I thought, Oh my God, he’s articulate to me,” Johnston said.

He afterwards repented of his sins and asked a Holy Spirit to come and live inside him. He did this for 3 days in a quarrel and didn’t feel anything different.

But God had listened his frank prayers and was about to perceptible His participation in a absolute way.

A brief time after he had prayed during a insistence of a apportion on television, Johnston told CP he felt a palm of God come on his right shoulder, “and He pulled my whole life in front of my face.”

In what he describes as an open prophesy occurring on film one would use in a 35 mm camera, God showed Johnston his whole life — from entrance out of his mother’s womb to a 41 years he lived — all that he ever did, all that happened to him.

While in a vision, God pronounced to him, “Honey, this is we growing, building and changing.”

When a prophesy reached a indicate Johnston had gotten a feign breasts and mixed cosmetic procedures, He said: “Honey, this isn’t you. This is what a demon has finished to you.”

“I was so astounded that He called me ‘Honey,'” Johnston said, observant that he sat there on a corner of his bed awestruck that God would “take a time out of His day to pronounce to me” out of all a billions of people in a world.

But in that moment, he tangibly felt a adore of God some-more than he ever had before.

God would continue to pronounce to Johnston in visions, and his practice have sensitive his prayers for transgender people.

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