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‘He attempted to flush their clothes’: Inside a Dros rape horror

Staff and witnesses during Pretoria’s Dros grill have embellished a harrowing design of how Nicholas Ninow attempted to flush his and a six-year-old girl’s bloodied garments down a toilet after he allegedly raped her.

Three waiters and another declare have damaged their overpower about how Ninow allegedly raped a child in a apartment in a women’s bathroom, though afterwards fled to a men’s toilets naked, where he allegedly attempted to flush divided a child’s panties and leggings, and his possess bloodied shirt.

The staff told City Press’ sister journal Rapport that both Ninow and a girl’s mom visited a Dros in Silverton regularly.

“The mom lives circuitously in Mamelodi and mostly came here to eat,” one of a waiters pronounced on Friday.

Last Saturday afternoon, they claim, Ninow went to a lavatory twice.

“He took one track by a grill to a toilet though returned another way, past a play area,” pronounced one waiter. Half an hour later, he was seen going to a toilet again.

Shortly after that, a mom detected that her child was no longer in a play area, and a staff member in assign of a children told her that a lady had left to a toilet.

“In a women’s lavatory there are 3 toilets. One toilet was out of sequence and there was a notice on a doorway to that effect. The mom looked into a other dual toilets and when she did not find her child she became hysterical,” pronounced one waiter.

The staff came to assistance and one of a waiters saw feet behind a doorway of a damaged toilet.

“When she overwhelmed a door, a child started great and job her mother,” pronounced another waiter, who was in a bathroom. The mom and 4 waitresses afterwards attempted to open a door.

“When a doorway opened, a male struck a women with his belt. He afterwards fled past them to a men’s toilet and sealed himself in,” a waiter said.

Customers and staff pennyless a doorway down. They found a child’s panties and her leggings and a man’s shirt in a toilet.

“He attempted to flush his red shirt down with a girl’s clothes. It was full of blood,” purported a waiter.

Five or 6 of a bystanders pounded Ninow before confidence guards intervened. “He accursed us and shouted. He pronounced he was usually perplexing to purify a lady given she had pooed,” pronounced another waiter.

A video of what happened in a men’s toilet posted on Twitter this week shows Ninow exposed and lonesome in blood. He shouted to a bystanders that he was regulating a toilet as a lady sobbed hysterically in a background.

“But you’re naked, we f***!” someone shouted during him.

“There’s zero f***ing wrong with me. I’m sober. we am mental man. I’m f***in’ okay,” Ninow yelled back.

The military after called dual ambulances. Ninow was taken divided in one of them.

The staff pronounced Ninow was alone during a restaurant’s bar when he initial arrived, though was after assimilated by an comparison man. Their check came to R700.

“The whole criticism was usually for splash and shooters,” pronounced a waiter.

Friends of Ninow and his colleagues during a cellphone emporium in a easterly of Pretoria, where he has been operative for a past 4 months, pronounced they were repelled during a allegations opposite him.

One co-worker said: “We did not design anything like this during all. On a contrary, he has always perceived compliments from customers. The Nicholas who worked with us is 360 degrees private from this beast now being decorated here.”

Colleagues pronounced a initial pointer of difficulty was when Ninow did not arrive during work final Thursday.

“We attempted to phone him, though usually got his voicemail. We also phoned his grandmother, though she did not know where he was,” another said.

On Monday, his grandmother sent them a WhatsApp summary to contend he could not lapse to work.

“He is in jail. Please let a manager know so that she can arrange with conduct bureau for a final of his payments, etc. Thank you,” a summary read.

The grandmother, who runs an group for babysitters, declined to speak about her grandson.

Ninow has during slightest 3 active profiles on Facebook.

In Oct 2016, he pronounced in a post that he was looking for work.

“I will be finished with matric by 10 November. My subjects are Business Studies, Geography and Tourism … we am really meddlesome in business and adore to work with tiny children,” he wrote.

On Tuesday Ninow seemed in a Pretoria Magistrates’ Court on charges of rape and possession of drugs. He is still in custody.

A propagandize crony said: “I would never have approaching something like this from him. He is a kind of man who always stood adult for immature people. He was not bashful about regulating his fists, though never as a bully.”

Ninow has a 19-year-old fiancée, who is 6 months profound with their child. She could not be reached for criticism this week.

After allegedly raping a child, Ninow yelled during indignant congregation who trapped him inside a men’s toilet: “I would never do anything like that. we have a mother and a child on a way.”

Another propagandize friend, who is also his colleague, pronounced he had not oral to Ninow or his fiancée given Wednesday final week “and we do not wish to”, though combined that a dual became intent in Aug final year.

“I do not wish to get concerned in this business,” he said. “I consider a rendezvous is damaged off now.”

Said another former friend: “He favourite carrying a splash and during propagandize he was mostly in fights. He did not plead a problem. His fists did a talking.”

Ninow, who altered his surname to his mother’s lass name, lived with his grandparents.

“Nicholas did not have aspiration or destiny plans. He spent so most time divided from propagandize during that theatre that we suspicion he had altered schools,” pronounced a former friend.

At one stage, Ninow became a Christian.

“He pronounced he had found a Lord, though afterwards he would land adult behind in a fight, or one listened stories about drugs again.”

Since a attack, polite multitude organisations have voiced ire and vowed to criticism outward a probity during his subsequent appearance.

The United Democratic Movement Women’s Organisation pronounced it was repelled and angry by a occurrence and would picket outward probity opposite Ninow being postulated bail.

“What we have unfortunately witnessed in a past is that a probity complement favours purported perpetrators. We wish that a probity complement will do what is right and close him adult for a rest of his life,” a organization said.

Crime statistics for a 2017/18 financial year expelled progressing this month showed that 23 488 sex crimes had been committed opposite children that year.

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