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He was famous as Malaysia’s ‘snake whisperer’ — until a cobra fatally bit him

He had been famous for his approach with infamous snakes. Pictures and videos of Abu Zarin Hussin uncover him taking a selfie with his pet cobra, and also sportive at the gym, doing work on his mechanism and examination TV with a slithering lizard subsequent to him.

He even kissed snakes on a mouth.

The 33-year-old Malaysian firefighter who had warranted a name a “snake whisperer” died Friday, a few days after he was bitten by a cobra. Hussin was rushed to a sanatorium Monday after he was bitten in Bentong in a state of Pahang, a Malaysian news opening a Star Online reported.

Hussin, who chronicled his interactions with cobras on Facebook, was propelled to general Internet celebrity after British tabloids reported — secretly — that he married his pet lizard since he believed a lizard was his passed partner reincarnated.

“You might hiss a bride! Man marries 10ft COBRA he believes is his reincarnated girlfriend,” pronounced a title of a Daily Mail story that was published in Nov 2016 and remains online.

The story referred to Hussin as an “unidentified husband” and “unidentified boyfriend,” while also misidentifying him as “Warranan Sarasalin from Kanchanaburi in Thailand.” The tabloid also published several cinema with captions like, “He mislaid his partner 5 years ago, though photos have shown he and his new mother are unequivocally happy together.”

The Daily Mirror also published a same fake story, that has been deleted.

In an talk with a Star Online, Hussin pronounced he’s unhappy that a publication writers snatched pictures from his Facebook comment and published fake stories about him.

As a firefighter for a Fire and Rescue Department of Malaysia, Hussin’s pursuit involved catching snakes found in people’s homes and training his associate firemen. He also kept snakes during his home for a year so he can observe and learn their behavior, and afterwards expelled them behind to their healthy habitat, he told a Star Online.

Malaysia is famous for a infamous human snakes. At slightest 26 species have life-threatening bites.

“Snakes are unequivocally not formidable to handle. There are many fake claims out there about snakes — that they are infamous or conflict people,” he said.

Hussin pronounced he hereditary his skills from his father, whom he called a “snake charmer,” and started training with snakes in 2007.

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Last year, he was a competitor on a TV uncover “Asia’s Got Talent,” rattling judges and viewers by pulling out a vast cobra on stage. The dangerous opening concerned bumping his nose opposite a reptile’s conduct though was not adequate to remonstrate a judges to allege him to a subsequent turn of a contest.

This week was not a initial time Hussin had been bitten by a snake. A cobra bit him in 2015, fixation him in a coma for dual days.

Hussin was buried during a rite Friday. Firefighters in uniform carried his body, orderly wrapped in white cloth, and placed him delicately in his final resting place.

Jenazah PB Abu Zarin Bin Hussin telah selamat dikebumikan pada jam 15.30 petang tadi. Semoga arwah ditempatkan…

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