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Head of Moscow Military Draft Office Arrested for Bribery

The conduct of troops breeze offices in Moscow has been arrested on guess of impasse in large-scale cheat holding in sell for assisting scores of immature organisation in a Russian collateral equivocate army conscription, a Interfax news organisation reported Tuesday.

A Moscow city justice has placed Alexander Simonov — who headed a training and investiture dialect of a city’s troops commissariat — underneath detain until May 5, justice mouthpiece Yunona Tsareva was quoted as saying. He is charged with aiding large-scale bribery, she said.

An unclear central informed with a box pronounced investigators brought bribe-taking charges opposite Simonov in December, and combined a assign of bribe-taking by an orderly organisation early this year, Interfax reported.

The box involves dozens of bribes, together value several millions of rubles (tens of thousands of dollars), allegedly perceived by a network of breeze officials in a Moscow city and region, a unclear source was quoted as saying.

Moscow’s troops prosecutor Vladislav Prikhodchenko pronounced Monday that several officials have been incarcerated on guess of impasse in an bootleg “scheme” for assisting immature organisation equivocate troops breeze by regulating feign medical certificates, Interfax reported.

Charges are also expected to be brought opposite doctors who released fake certificates dogmatic draftees non-professional for troops service, and opposite immature organisation who avoided army conscription, another unclear central was quoted by Interfax as saying.

Article source: http://www.themoscowtimes.com/article/564838.html