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Helton sinecure speaks to Chip Kelly’s NFL commitment, USC wanting stability

Clay Helton’s coaching chops weren’t a initial thing that came to mind Monday when USC private a halt label.

It was Chip Kelly’s coaching chops.

Kelly’s entrance to USC, that means a Eagles’ manager might not be returning to college football. The ultimate furious label in a wildest of stupid seasons might have usually been removed.

We can now ensue with a common suspects. Never contend never, though Kelly-back-to-college is simply losing steam.

What other college jobs fit him during a moment?

Not Georgia. It’s been tough adequate bringing his adult dash widespread to a NFL; try using Nick Saban off a field. Gus Malzahn had some success with it, for a while, though Chip Kelly is not Georgia. His celebrity — his offense — don’t fit.

Miami? The Hurricanes substantially can’t come tighten to profitable Kelly. His truth would make a South Florida dash though is a Miami module even large adequate for Chip?

He’d have entrance to chosen athletes. He’d also be fighting each other tip module for that talent. Kelly doesn’t need to be responding questions about blank out on a five-star tackle from Fort Lauderdale. Ask Al Golden about that.

No, not Miami. Former manager Butch Davis was interviewed over a weekend. Alabama descent line manager Mario Cristobal seems to have an advantage. Mark Richt is now available. It’s looking some-more like a Canes are going to stay in a family.

Not observant Chip is staying with a Eagles though there doesn’t seem to be a college module large adequate for him.

As it turns out, Helton is ideal for USC. The Trojans indispensable consistency. They indispensable continuity. They upheld Helton over once as halt following Lane Kiffin’s banishment in 2013.

Athletic executive Pat Haden got it right this time, afterwards explained it right by saying, “Choosing a manager is an imprecise science. In Clay’s case, there is exactness.”

With this hire, USC didn’t need to stir Hollywood. It indispensable to get behind to a roots. No flash. No Snoop Dogg throwing passes during practice. Kelly would have brought those things and more. But infrequently a right sinecure is a apparent hire.

At this impulse in time, there are no some-more branches from a Pete Carroll coaching tree value climbing out on.

Haden has faced a flourishing reality. College football Camelot might never be recreated in Troy. Or anywhere. There have been back-to-back titles in AP Top 25 story usually 11 times.

Times are changing. Iowa is undefeated. Urban Meyer isn’t going anywhere. Jim Harbaugh is usually removing started. For now, a Trojans usually need to continue a physicality a offense has played with given Helton took over. It indispensable certainty in recruiting.

It indispensable to keep Haden home. Remember, he quiescent from a College Football Playoff Selection Committee for health reasons. An extended coaching hunt would have meant some-more transport and wouldn’t have been good for Haden.

Besides, he might have missed a obvious: The right male was right down a hall. Helton takes over a top-five pursuit with an altogether halt record of 6-2. Eight games. That has to be some arrange of record. At this indicate that qualifies as longevity during USC.

Better yet, it portends stability. Helton won a play diversion in 2013, led a Trojans out of a Sarkisian sadness to a Pac-12 pretension game. Those dual accomplishments total are some-more than Kiffin and Sark ever did during USC.

To cruise how most Helton creates sense, we have to remember how bad it was. Haden had a possibility to postpone Sarkisian once when a manager admittedly seemed dipsomaniac during a preseason upholder event. The preference to keep a manager stung Haden on Oct. 11 when Sarkisian might have shown adult inebriated for a Sunday practice. A day later, he was fired.

USC has been by too most turmoil. If Clay Helton is boring, afterwards USC indispensable boring. It indispensable to continue to hit opponents off a football. It indispensable a direction.

It indispensable a bald 43-year-old career assistant/interim who looks like he could be a sitcom dad. Hopefully, that’s as Hollywood as it gets this time during USC. The Trojans have their man. He was operative right down a hall.

For now, that’s adequate since Chip Kelly wasn’t coming.

Clay Helton was named USC’s permanent conduct manager on Monday. (USATSI)

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