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Here Are Some Short-Term (Non-Bug) Fixes ‘Fallout 76’ Needs ASAP

Fallout 76Bethesda

Much ink has been spilled about what ails Fallout 76, either it be a litany of bugs or problems with a core concept, though for this piece, we wanted to concentration on things that were hopefully some-more picturesque than sum revamps of a whole judgment of a game, and rebate apparent than things that need to be addressed like “get a server to stop kicking people” or “patch bugs that are causing players to turn imperishable God kings yearning for death.”

Rather, we wanted to concentration on what we consider would be a series of short-term fixes for Fallout 76 that could hopefully be rolled out soon-ish. These are not massive changes, though they operation from peculiarity of life improvements to during slightest giving players faith a diversion is relocating in a right direction.

This is not a extensive list, and some of these are expected some-more long-term than I’m devising with my singular growth knowledge, though here’s what we came adult with.

Fallout 76Bethesda

Slighty clean ammo scavenging

While ammo government has always been a core partial of Fallout, a problem with Fallout 76 is that given of a live inlet of a game, it actively punishes we for holding on tough fights given if we remove or have to retreat, we can’t usually reload and try again, we have to respawn. That means we remove a ammo spent in a fight. A difficult correct would engage some kind of re-gifting of your recently spent ammo on respawn, though we consider a good starting indicate would be to just…find some-more ammo in a universe naturally than we do now. Not a huge buff, as we should still be creation suggestive choices about engagements and a gun we use, though ammo is burdensome right now given of a live inlet of a game.

Slightly clean object durability

Again, a accurate same proof relates here. Having object continuance in a diversion is one thing, though with these encounters, even if we die, that repairs remains, definition your things is violation all a time unless you’re devoting a critical volume of points into perk cards that revoke it. Those are fine, though we do consider bottom object continuance needs a buff, and correct costs going down a tad would assistance with this too. I’m not job for a sum rejecting of this complement (which we overtly wouldn’t mind), though things are usually not good right now and need a nudge.

Fallout 76Bethesda

Remove a top cost of quick travel

This is one of those decisions in 76 we unequivocally usually don’t know during all. we consider it competence have something to do with creation it so PvP players can’t usually petiole people all over a map for free, though in practice, it feels like it unequivocally boundary scrutiny to a indicate where it’s usually burdensome to try to go behind to aged areas given there are usually a handful of “free” respawn spots including your camp, that mostly disappears and costs income to move. Remove a cost from that too, while you’re during it. we have nonetheless to use my caps for anything but quick transport for a many part.

Increase a accessibility of recovering items, generally Stimpacks

It feels to me like Bethesda drastically reduced how mostly we get Stimpacks in Fallout 76, as evidenced by a fact that we keep opening medical kits to find zero though unwashed H2O and Rad-X. we consider this is a approach to get people to attend in some-more organisation open events that prerogative Stimpacks many of a time, though there are usually not adequate of them out in a universe to find, generally given how most repairs we as a actor will soak adult in 76.

Streamline new VATS

While we know that live VATS is here to stay, there has to be a approach to make it improved than it is now. What we would like to see in sold is a rebate of usually how quick percentages change when targeting, as they can burst from 95% to 15% to 80% to 23% in underneath a second. we consider as a rivalry moves a percentages should slip adult and down in a smoother fashion. It’s already tough adequate to decider if your shot is going to strike due to a coinflip inlet of a system, though supplement in fast changing percentages and it feels like a sum crapshoot. we also consider that some of a m�lange enemies need to have their speed reduced, as partial of a approach to opposite these ultra-fast ghouls/rats/wolves whatever in past games was to delayed them down with VATS. Since we can’t do that anymore, maybe palliate behind on their wicked run and conflict speed a bit.

Fallout 76Bethesda

Remove food and lust removal while idle

Fine, we won’t let me postponement a live game, we get that. But do we unequivocally have to reprove me if we finally conduct to find a protected mark to censor while we go do something else, usually we lapse to find my food and H2O meters empty? The choice is to exit out of a server totally when we need to idle, that brings even some-more problems, and something needs to change. Fine, we get hungrier and thirstier when I’m using and fighting and moving, though standing? Cut me some tardy here.

If you’re gonna have PvP, have PvP

I know that Bethesda is positively ashamed of players potentially griefing in Fallout 76, though a stream complement in place, where we can fire someone though hardly do any repairs until they determine to fire back, is clunky and absurd. It means we radically have zero to fear from PvP during all in roughly all circumstances, and as most as we don’t wish to be angry by griefers, this complement is usually reticent and PvP has no possibility to be engaging at all as prolonged as it exists. Put outrageous bounties on attackers, shorten high turn people from aggressive low turn people, whatever, though something besides a uncanny complement we have now.

Start trickling out tellurian NPCs from a other Vaults

Bethesda has already pronounced they’re going to start opening new vaults on a map, though that could meant anything, quite that we competence usually get a garland some-more “all a people are dead, find out what happened by holotapes” quests like we have now. But while I’m not seeking a entirety of a diversion to be remade with NPCs, we do consider that yes, Bethesda could start introducing some tellurian NPCs out of vaults as a starting point. The diversion already has a handful of drudge NPCs so we unequivocally don’t see how introducing humans would destroy a judgment of 76. It would be a pointer that hey, maybe some-more NPC-focused calm and quests are coming, and this could feel some-more like a normal Fallout diversion in time.

This is apparently not an downright list as we could go on indefinitely about fixes 76 needs, though it’s a start, and we would wish some of these are probable in a entrance days and weeks. But we’ll see how most work Bethesda puts into fixes here, and either they know what to correct when they do.

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