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Here’s Every Line That Kim Davis Applauded At The State Of The Union

Kim Davis didn’t find many she could extol Tuesday night during President Barack Obama’s final State of a Union. But she did find a few things.

Davis, a Kentucky county clerk who refused to emanate matrimony licenses to happy couples, applauded a boss usually 4 times and was frequently one of a few members of a assembly who, Republican or Democrat, sat stoically during a biggest lines. Who invited her to a residence was a poser for many of a day Tuesday. Turns out it was House Freedom Caucus Chairman Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), who didn’t even know he had invited her until The Huffington Post asked him about it.

As for a clapping, Davis did extol when a Senate entered a chamber, that was a usually organisation she clapped for on their introduction. (She was one of a few assembly members to not applause when a Sergeant-at-Arms announced Obama.)

For a good cube of a start of a speech, Davis avoided applauding for Obama during all. She sat by lines on a clever economy, pursuit creation, even delivering advantages to veterans — all of that drew ovations from many Republicans.

But a line that pennyless her no-clapping strain was this: “I consider there are old-fashioned regulations that need to be changed, and there’s red fasten that needs to be cut,” Obama said.

Republicans cheered. House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) shouted in approval. Kim Davis golf clapped. (One.)

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