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Here’s a weirdest, scariest things Trump pronounced during today’s ‘I’m not repetition and raving’ meltdown

“Peace by strength,” Donald Trump pronounced to reporters now in a rambling, aggressive, digression news discussion that lasted scarcely about an hour and a half. Trump rattled on in round patterns about skeleton to “build and rebuild” a “great” troops and law enforcement. He dodged questions on Flynn, Obamacare, leaked reports of misunderstanding within a administration, and voiced snub during being questioned regularly about “this whole Russia fraud that we guys are building so that we don’t pronounce about a genuine theme that is bootleg leaks.”

“Russia is a ruse,” Trump said, several times.

I have zero to do with Russia. Haven’t finished a phone call to Russia in years. Don’t pronounce to people from Russia. Not that we wouldn’t. we usually have nobody to pronounce to. we have zero to do with Russia. To a best of my trust no chairman that we understanding with does.

It’s genuine bad, guys. And it can positively get worse.

Here is a full twin of Donald J. Trump’s remarks to a press progressing today, Thursday, Feb. 16, 2017. He is now a President of a United States of America. we review a whole thing and watched all hour and 53 mins of a video, so we wouldn’t have to, and we highlighted a many terrifying things and have pasted it here with my low thoughts. Hold me. I’m legit terrified.

There were some doozies. Here were a sections of a wayward monologue, that went on for about a generation of a underline suit picture, though was distant some-more terrifying than anything I’ve ever seen during a movies.


The press has spin so prejudiced that if we don’t pronounce about, we are doing a extensive harm to a American people. Tremendous disservice. We have to pronounce to find out what’s going on, given a press overtly is out of control. The spin of duplicity is out of control.

And then, good cop.

[T]he media is going by what they have to go by too mostly times crush – not all a time – and some of a media is fantastic, we have to contend – they’re honest and fantastic.

But many of it is not a – a exaggeration — and we’ll pronounce about it, you’ll be means to ask me questions about it. But we’re not going to let it happen, given I’m here again, to take my summary loyal to a people. As we know, a administration hereditary many problems conflicting supervision and conflicting a economy. To be honest, we hereditary a mess. It’s a mess. At home and abroad, a mess. Jobs are pouring out of a country; we see what’s going on with all of a companies withdrawal a country, going to Mexico and other places, low pay, low wages, mass instability overseas, no matter where we look. The center easterly is a disaster. North Korea – we’ll take caring of it folks; we’re going to take caring of it all. we usually wish to let we know, we hereditary a mess.

Poor me.

Now, on to a rarely-heard sotto voce dogwhistle to white supremacists. This part’s all about The Blacks and The Mexicans, aka The Illegals, who are obliged for all bad.

We’ve systematic a Department of Homeland Security and Justice to coordinate on a devise to destroy rapist cartels entrance into a United States with drugs. We’re apropos a drug filthy nation. Drugs are apropos cheaper than candy bars. We are not going to let it occur any longer.

The subsequent partial is what we like to call, “I had all of their albums before we even listened of them”:

We have had good conversations with a United Kingdom, and meetings. Israel, Mexico, Japan, China and Canada, really, unequivocally prolific conversations. we would contend distant some-more prolific than we would understand.

They’ve widespread like cancer. ISIS has widespread like cancer – another disaster we inherited. And we have imposed new sanctions on a republic of Iran, whose totally taken advantage of a prior administration, and they’re a world’s tip unite of terrorism, and we’re not going to stop until that problem is scrupulously solved. And it’s not scrupulously solved now, it’s one of a misfortune agreements I’ve ever seen drawn by anybody. I’ve systematic devise to start building for a large rebuilding of a United States military. Had good support from a Senate, I’ve had good from Congress, generally.

We’ve followed this rebuilding in a hopes that we will never have to use this military, and we will tell we that is my – we would be so happy if we never had to use it. But a republic will never have had a troops like a troops we’re about to build and rebuild. We have a biggest people on earth in a military, though they don’t have a right apparatus and their apparatus is old. we used it; we talked about it during each stop. Depleted, it’s depleted – it won’t be depleted for long. And we consider one of a reason I’m station here instead of other people is that frankly, we talked about we have to have a clever military.

We have to have a clever law coercion also. So we do not go abroad in a hunt of war, we unequivocally are acid for peace, though a assent by strength.

Next, again with a braggadocio about opinion counts:

I put it out before a American people, got 306 electoral college votes. we wasn’t ostensible to get 222. They pronounced there’s no approach to get 222, 230’s impossible.

270 that we need, that was laughable. We got 306 given people came out and voted like they’ve never seen before so that’s a approach it goes. we theory it was a biggest electoral college win given Ronald Reagan. In other words, a media’s perplexing to conflict a administration given they know we are following by on pledges that we finished and they’re not happy about it for whatever reason.

And – though a lot of people are happy about it. In fact, I’ll be in Melbourne, Florida 5 o’clock on Saturday and we listened – usually listened that a crowds are large that wish to be there. we spin on a T.V., open a newspapers and we see stories of chaos. Chaos. Yet it is a accurate opposite. This administration is using like a fine- tuned machine, notwithstanding a fact that we can’t get my cupboard approved.

A fine-tuned machine.

Next, yep, that’s right, “Trump’s Fucking Wall,” as former Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto calls it:

And a wall is going to be a good wall and it’s going to be a wall negotiated by me. The cost is going to come down usually like it has on all else I’ve negotiated for a government. And we are going to have a wall that works, not gonna have a wall like they have now that is possibly self-existent or a joke.

Now for an conflict on a Judicial bend of a Federal Government.

The probity complement has not finished it easy for us. And are even formulating a new bureau in Homeland Security dedicated to a lost American victims of bootleg newcomer violence, that there are many. We have taken wilful movement to keep radical Islamic terrorists out of a country. No tools are required and inherent actions were blocked by judges, in my opinion, incorrect, and vulnerable ruling. Our administration is operative night and day to keep we safe, including reporters safe. And is energetically fortifying this official order.

Next, a distressing mishmosh and something we don’t entirely know about ‘extreme vetting.’ Also, basically: fuck we inland people and libtards, that fucking tube is happening.

Extreme vetting will be put in place and it already is in place in many places.

In fact, we had to go quicker than we suspicion given of a bad preference we perceived from a circuit that has been overturned during a record number. we have listened 80 percent, we find that tough to believe, that is usually a series we heard, that they are overturned 80 percent of a time. we consider that circuit is — that circuit is in disharmony and that circuit is overtly in turmoil. But we are appealing that, and we are going further.

We’re arising a new executive movement subsequent week that will comprehensively strengthen a country. So we’ll be going along a one trail and hopefully winning that, during a same time we will be arising a new and unequivocally extensive sequence to strengthen a people. That will be finished someday subsequent week, toward a commencement or center during a latest part. We have also taken stairs to start construction of a Keystone Pipeline and Dakota Access Pipelines. Thousands and thousands of jobs, and put new buy American measures in place to need American steel for American pipelines. In other words, they build a tube in this country, and we use a powers of supervision to make that tube happen, we wish them to use American steel. And they are peaceful to do that, though nobody ever asked before we came along. Even this sequence was drawn and they didn’t contend that.

This partial creates me consternation if Paul Manafort is out of a job?

To empty a engulf of crime in Washington, D.C., I’ve started by commanding a five-year lobbying anathema on White House officials and a lifetime anathema on lobbying for a unfamiliar government.

Next, The Affordable Care Act. The usually people who use “Obamacare” are idle no-good non-white drug rape monsters.

Obamacare is a disaster, folks. It is’s disaster. we know we can say, oh, Obamacare. we mean, they fill adult a alleys with people that we consternation how they get there, though they are not a Republican people a that member are representing.

So we’ve begun scheming to dissolution and reinstate Obamacare, and are low in a midst of negotiations on a unequivocally ancestral taxation remodel to move a jobs back, to move a jobs behind to this country. Big league. It’s already happening. But large league.

Next, is this a hazard that Trump SCOTUS hopeful Gorsuch will spin a Supreme Court judge, “or else”? Nice Judiciary complement we got there, contrition if something were to occur to it.

And one some-more thing, we have kept my guarantee to a American people by nominating a probity of a United States Supreme Court, Judge Neil Gorsuch, who is from my list of 20, and who will be a loyal defender of a laws and a Constitution, rarely respected, should get a votes from a Democrats. You might not see that. But he’ll get there one approach or a other. But he should get there a out-of-date way, and he should get those votes.

The QA that followed was bonkers. Trump pounded a press via a QA. This is — what is there to even contend about this insanity? He’s on a new offense.

QUESTION: we usually wish to get we to explain this unequivocally critical point. Can we contend definitively that nobody on your discuss had any contacts with a Russians during a campaign? And on a leaks, is it feign news or are these genuine leaks?

TRUMP: Well a leaks are real. You’re a one that wrote about them and reported them, we meant a leaks are real. You know what they said, we saw it and a leaks are positively real. The news is feign given so many of a news is fake. So one thing that we felt it was unequivocally critical to do — and we wish we can scold it. Because there’s nobody we have some-more honour for — well, maybe a small bit though a reporters, good reporters.

Next, Wikileaks:

I have zero to do with Russia. we told you, we have no deals there, we have no anything. Now, when WikiLeaks, that we had zero to do with, comes out and happens to give, they’re not giving personal information. They’re giving things — what was pronounced during an bureau about Hillary intrigue on a debates.

Which, by a way, nobody mentions. Nobody mentions that Hillary perceived a questions to a debates. Can we suppose — severely — can we suppose if we perceived a questions? It would be a electric chair. OK, he should be put in a electric — we would even call for a reinstitution of a genocide penalty, OK?

Next, an off-the-cuff acknowledgement by Trump about Jeff Zucker, a conduct of CNN, whom one could contend finished Trump newly famous with a radio show, “The Apprentice.”

QUESTION: Thank we unequivocally much, and usually for a record, we don’t loathing you. we don’t loathing you.


QUESTION: So, pass that along —

TRUMP: Ask — ask Jeff Zucker how he got his job. OK?

Next, hacking.

I don’t wish to be hacked. And we did that. And we have seen that they attempted to penetrate us and they failed. The DNC did not do that. And if they did it, they could not have been hacked. But they were hacked and terrible things came in. And, we know, a usually thing that we do consider is astray is some of a things were so — they were — when we listened some of those things we picked adult a papers a subsequent morning and said, oh, this is going to be front page, it wasn’t even in a papers.

Again, if we had that occur to me, it would be a biggest story in a story of edition or a conduct of newspapers. we would have been title in each newspaper. we mean, consider of it. They gave her a questions to a discuss and she — and she should have reported herself.

Also during a doubt and answer period, a contributor asks Trump about his disaster to residence even one of a dozens of anti-Jewish loathing attacks that have taken place given Trump took power.

TRUMP:…he pronounced he was gonna ask a unequivocally simple, easy question. And it’s not, a not, not — not a elementary question, not a satisfactory question. OK lay down, we know a rest of your question.

So here’s a story, folks. Number one, we am a slightest anti- Semitic chairman that you’ve ever seen in your whole life. Number two, racism, a slightest extremist person. In fact, we did unequivocally good relations to other people using as a Republican — quiet, quiet, quiet.

See, he lied about — he was gonna get adult and ask a unequivocally straight, elementary question, so we know, acquire to a universe of a media. But let me usually tell we something, that we loathing a charge, we find it repulsive.

I loathing even a doubt given people that know me and we listened a primary minister, we listened Ben Netanyahu (ph) yesterday, did we hear him, Bibi? He said, I’ve famous Donald Trump for a prolonged time and afterwards he said, forget it.

So we should take that instead of carrying to get adult and ask a unequivocally scornful doubt like that.

Next, Trump engages in tinge policing, and goes totally off a rails.

You know what it is? Here’s a thing. The open isn’t — we know, they review newspapers, they see television, they watch. They don’t know if it’s loyal or fake given they’re not involved. I’m involved. I’ve been concerned with this things all my life. But I’m involved. So we know when you’re revelation a law or when you’re not. we usually see many, many untruthful things.

And I’ll tell we what else we see. we see tone. You know a word “tone.” The tinge is such hatred. I’m unequivocally not a bad person, by a way. No, though a tinge is such — we do get good ratings, we have to acknowledge that — a tinge is such hatred.

I watched this morning a integrate of a networks. And we have to say, Fox Friends in a morning, they’re unequivocally honest people. They’re unequivocally — not given they’re good, given they strike me also when we do something wrong. But they have a many honest morning show. That’s all we can say. It’s a many honest.

But a tone, Jim. If we demeanour — a hatred. The, we mean, infrequently — sometimes… (…) And a loathing and venom entrance from his mouth; a loathing entrance from other people on your network.

Now, we will contend this. we watch it. we see it. I’m vacant by it. And we usually consider you’d be a lot improved off, we overtly do. The open gets it, we know. Look, when we go to rallies, they spin around, they start screaming during CNN. They wish to chuck their placards during CNN. You know.

I — we consider we would do many improved by being different. But we usually take a look. Take a demeanour during some of your shows in a morning and a evening. If a guest comes out and says something certain about me, it’s — it’s brutal.

Now, they’ll take this news discussion — I’m indeed carrying a unequivocally good time, OK? But they’ll take this news discussion — don’t forget, that’s a approach we won. Remember, we used to give we a news discussion each time we finished a speech, that was like each day. OK?

No, that’s how we won. we won with news conferences and substantially speeches. we positively didn’t win by people listening to we people. That’s for sure. But I’m carrying a good time.

Tomorrow, they will say, “Donald Trump rants and raves during a press.” I’m not repetition and raving. I’m usually revelation you. You know, you’re prejudiced people. But — though I’m not repetition and raving. we adore this. I’m carrying a good time doing it.

But tomorrow, a headlines are going to be, “Donald Trump rants and raves.” I’m not repetition and raving.

Go ahead.


Source: New York Times. For more, read their analysis.

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