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Here’s what each vital Wall Street researcher had to contend about Netflix’s blockbuster gain report

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Reed Hastings, CEO of Netflix.

Bank of America (Buy)

“Stellar third quarter, net subscriber adds good above a Street. … Netflix came in above on both U.S. and general net subscriber adds, with 1.09 million U.S. and 5.87 million intl vs. accord estimates of 657,000 and 4.39 million. International net supplement expansion was remarkable to be extended based, with Asia highlighted as a pivotal area of strength. Additionally, a fourth-quarter net supplement beam of 9.4 million implies sum subscribers of 146.5 million by year-end 2018, that is above a pre-2Q’18 foresee of 142.6 million subscribers. In effect, 3Q net adds and a 4Q beam erase a 2Q’18 miss, and gain Netflix’s expansion arena to where it had been progressing this year. Profitability stays healthy.”

Analyst Nat Schindler raises Bank of America’s cost aim to $440 from $410, implying 27 percent upside interjection to a softened subscriber expansion outlook.

Goldman Sachs (Buy)

“Netflix third-quarter formula exceeded accord expectations in both a US and International segments as a association between calm spend and subscriber net adds strengthened for a sixth uninterrupted quarter. Fourth-quarter superintendence distant exceeded accord expectations, reflecting a strength of a calm choice by year-end, loudness from newer placement partnerships and expansion in a addressable audience, quite in progressing theatre mobile-first markets. As Netflix subscriber adds continue to surpass expectations and it approaches an rhythm prove in money profitability following a stream investment duration in allege of a detriment of Disney calm late subsequent year, we trust shares of Netflix will continue to significantly outperform.”

Analyst Heath Terry ups Goldman’s cost aim to $480 from $430 to simulate “the faster than approaching further of subscribers to a platform.” The new guess implies 38 percent upside.

UBS (Neutral)

“Against a call of particular fears, Netflix altogether handling opening will concede Netflix bulls to ‘win a day.’ In examining a results, we were many constructive on domestic trends (clearly signs of any domestic maturation are still not arrangement in results). In a general business, we design subscriber kick and beam to be a concentration of investors in pushing a batch to redeem from new underperformance. Looking during explanation for fourth-quarter 2018 and mercantile year 2019, we don’t see many in a approach of certain changes to handling estimates.”

UBS’s Eric Sheridan increases his cost aim to $400, implying 15 percent upside.

J.P. Morgan (Overweight)

“Overall, we trust third-quarter formula and a fourth entertain beam prove that Netflix is behind on track. While buliding can be lumpy, a bigger design trail is consistent, and we continue to trust there is poignant expansion intensity ahead, with Netflix on lane to have 200 million tellurian subscribers in 2020-2021. Pushback might come from some who perspective Netflix estimates as merely returning to their 6 months ago levels and with a batch appreciating about 25 percent during that time, good forward of a SP 500’s 5 percent and many other tech names. That could quell some of a additional near-term upside over a 11 percent after-market move, though we trust calm is clever into a fourth entertain and 2019, and Netflix could again broach some-more net adds subsequent year than this year, quite as India and Japan benefit larger traction.”

Doug Anmuth, one of J.P. Morgan’s record analysts, lifted his cost aim on Netflix to $450 from $415, implying 29 percent upside.

Morgan Stanley (Buy)

“After a second entertain shortfall vs. guidance, third quarter’s outperformance reminds us that a long-term trend is clear. Netflix has built something new, a truly tellurian plumb integrated calm prolongation and placement business. But some-more importantly, it has consistently reinvested a near-term success into deepening a rival moat. This reinvestment consistency, along with a concentration on a core business, has authorised it to find success – artistic and financial – in widely different markets around a world. Netflix aims for solid domain improvement, and reinvests any upside behind into a business to maximize a long-term opportunity.”

Analyst Benjamin Swinburne has a cost aim of $450 on shares of Netflix, implying 29 percent upside.

RBC Capital Markets (Outperform)

“Following a diseased second quarter, Netflix reported kick and lift subscriptions with clever grant distinction opposite domestic and general segments. Long-term elemental trends sojourn very, very, really many intact. Streaming income and subscription additions are still set to accelerate in 2018.

We don’t trust in ‘open-ended expansion stories.’ But, darn, Netflix is about as tighten to one as we can find in today’s market. Global Subs Adds are accelerating in ’18 – per a endless consult work, a Netflix consumer value column is compelling. Global Streaming Revenue is accelerating too — pricing energy certainly helps.”

Analyst Mark Mahaney bumped his cost aim on a association to $450 from $440, forecasting 29 percent upside.

Barclays (Overweight)

“Netflix: Nailed it. Given a skip final quarter, there was distinct worry going into gain generally around fourth-quarter net supplement guidance. Netflix kick third-quarter net supplement expectations handily (6.96 million tangible vs 5 million guide) and a fourth-quarter net adds beam during 9.4 million came 23 percent aloft than accord and a above- accord 8.1 million estimate. Management indicated that even their many renouned shows tend to be low singular number commission of hours noticed that implies coherence on people shows isn’t element that might be offsetting a impact of vital shows blank from a fourth quarter.”

Analyst Kannan Venkateshwar increasing a Barclays cost aim on Netflix batch to $430 from $415, implying 24 percent upside.

Nomura Instinet (Neutral)

“Net adds were significantly forward of a estimates and consensus, driven by clever tellurian growth, including in Asia. Revenue was in line with a outlook, and EBITDA was tolerably ahead. Earnings per share also saw advantages of over $45 million from Eurobond remeasurement and taxation remodel impacts. Management remarkable an increasing concentration on owned strange first-run content, that has a intensity to reduce costs by avoiding third-party chartering markups. International strange calm is another prove of emphasis, and a association skeleton to continue to deposit heavily in building out internal calm libraries.”

Nomura Instinet researcher Mark Kelley hold his cost aim solid during $370, 6.8 percent above Tuesday’s shutting price.

BMO Capital Markets (Outperform)

“Confirmed: Last entertain was a blip, not a trend, echo outperform. Subscriber arena is behind on lane with a clever third-quarter kick and certain fourth-quarter guidance. Drivers enclosed some-more non-English strange content, some-more fit selling focused on originals, and a continued grant of placement partnerships. Management expects 2019 giveaway money upsurge waste to be roughly in line with 2018, and we design alleviation in 2020. And while really tiny now, we continue to trust new revenues like chartering can expostulate some-more long-term impetus and diversification that builds off of owned egghead property.”

Analyst Daniel Salmon lifted his aim to $440 from $400, implying 27 percent upside.

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