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High-Flying Hog — Woman Travels with Emotional Support Pig

This is Hamlet…he likes to fly on planes. (Photo: Hamlet_the_beach_hog/Instagram)

Travel is opposite for everyone.

Some people like to transport with desired ones, others cite to tour solo — and one special traveler won’t leave home though her pet pig. 

Megan Peabody is a 28-year-old lady from a Virgin Islands who has started to fly with her pet pig named Hamlet. She says a pig’s participation helps her to relax in a air.

“I adore flying, though we humour with anxiety,” Peabody told The Mail Online. “Being means to collect Hamlet up, to hold, pet and comfort him creates me feel some-more gentle and provides a poetic distraction.”

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Hamlet looks like he’s enjoying a flight! (Photo: Hamlet_the_beach_hog/Instagram)

Peabody adopted Hamlet when he was usually 8 weeks old, and lerned him for a year before finally holding him on a plane. So distant he has flown on JetBlue and American Airlines — both of that welcomed a high-flying hog.

“People are apparently astounded though there hasn’t been any disastrous reactions,” Peabody said. “Children are infrequently a bit fearful as many haven’t seen a pet pig before, though once they come over and pet him and see what he is like, they all adore him!”

So what does a pig do for in-flight entertainment? Pretty most what we competence expect.

“He sits there good and relaxed, and will eat vegetables and Cheerios,” combined Peabody.

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Meagan Peabody and her transport buddy, Hamlet. (Photo: Hamlet_the_beach_hog/Instagram)

It’s apropos some-more and some-more common to see people drifting with romantic support animals. These pets are a healing apparatus for travelers, and can assistance to assuage stress or support those with a disability.

With a correct documentation, all vital U.S. airlines concede people to move their romantic support animals on a craft if they are compulsory for travel. 

Surprisingly, Hamlet isn’t a a usually plantation animal racking adult visit navigator miles. Earlier this month, a internet erupted when photos of an emotional support turkey were present online. 

What’s next, an romantic support cow?

When pigs fly. 


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