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High propagandize principal joins step group for performance, rocks it out

At a final scheduled pep rally of a football deteriorate final week, Lake Mary High School students gave members of a school’s step team, Unity Revolution, an eager accepting when they took core theatre on a gym building to perform.

But only a notation into a team’s routine, a entertaining got even louder: The Florida high school’s new principal, Dr. Donna “Mickey” Reynolds, 49, ran out wearing a signature uniform pants, a comparison category T-shirt, and black jaunty shoes. She stood in arrangement with a rest of a team, afterwards assimilated in, nailing a rest of a step slight and bringing a residence down in a process.

A video from a pep convene taken by propagandize primogenitor Becky Godwin and posted on Facebook has been noticed over 2.6 million times and common over 35,000 times given final week.

“I didn’t know how a students would react,” Reynolds told TODAY Parents. “My expectancy was that they would be failing laughing, that they would consider it was hysterical. But we have never listened such cheering. we was so blown divided by how most they were cheering.”

“Stepping” is a form of percussive dance that came to America from Africa by African-American sororities and fraternities on college campuses in a 1980s and ’90s. Teams, including Lake Mary High School’s own, tend to be opposite both racially and socioeconomically and embody both immature group and women.

Reynolds, whose father was a initial principal of a same propagandize in 1981 and who graduated from a propagandize herself in 1986, was tender by a step group when she initial saw them perform during a season’s initial pep convene behind in August, and she asked afterwards if she could try fasten them sometime.

Once a captain on a Lake Mary High School dance group when she was a tyro and a manager to dual step teams during other high schools early in her career, Reynolds wanted to support a group that infrequently calls itself a “urban underdogs” of a school, according to manager Kelly Lupis.

“We were so happy when we listened she wanted to step with us,” Lupis told TODAY Parents. “Just unequivocally flattered. The propagandize is famous for a superb dance and hearten teams — and she used to be on a dance team, so that would have been an apparent choice — yet she chose us. That meant a lot to us.

“And she killed it.”

Diana Purutcuoglu

Reynolds attended a few of a team’s practices, operative with members one-on-one to learn a slight and holding video of them to watch and use on her possess during home — infrequently with her kids, Jayce, 12, and Hannah, 10. Each of a 21 members of a group gave her feedback on her performance.

“They told me to go all a approach down to a belligerent on a shoulder rolls, and we had to tell them, if we go all a approach down to a ground, we won’t be means to get behind up!” she said. “But we suspicion it was a good doctrine from a manager to uncover a kids that they could give corrections to adults. It meant a lot to me.”

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Reynolds achieved in partial to support a step team, yet also to assistance her bond with a students. Though she has a family story with a school, this is her initial year as a principal, holding over a position when a dear former principal was eliminated final spring.

In fact, a initial pep convene of a propagandize year was a most opposite knowledge for Reynolds. The school’s conduct football manager had warned her she competence be booed by some students who were reduction than anxious to have a new principal, and he was right — yet Reynolds remarkable that she was blissful that it was “only some booing, not a whole gym.” After a initial pep rally, a tyro posted a design of Reynolds on Snapchat with a hashtag “#notmyprincipal.”

“I’m not used to being booed,” Reynolds. “But we kind of accept that as principals; there is going to be a transition period. You know that it’s going to take a while for people to accept you, since they are raw that a other principal is gone.

Joanna Lopes

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“The students were disturbed that we was going to take divided all their privileges and fun. And we understand, and we knew we only indispensable to do what we do, and they would change their opinion eventually,” she said.

It’s protected to contend Reynolds has won her students’ hearts now. After final week’s pep rally, students and their relatives were posting a video of her opening on amicable media with a caption, “THAT’S MY PRINCIPAL!”

“Sometimes we have to be peaceful to put yourself in a position of disadvantage in front of your children, and we have to be peaceful to not know what a outcome is going to be, when we try to bond with your kids,” Reynolds said. “Connection can't be a fight, it’s not a one-way street.

“Sometimes adults — even a best intending adults — have a tough time dropping their ensure down and vouchsafing themselves be exposed in front of their kids. You competence be astounded during how most we can learn and take divided from it by trying.”

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