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Hoops Preview: Clemson travels to take on Mississippi State

When: Saturday 4pm
Where: Prudential Center, New Jersey

The Tigers will transport to a stormy north to take on a SEC’s Mississippi State Bulldogs on Saturday in a now essential non-conference game. The fortunes of a group have taken a bit of a strike in new weeks as a group forsaken behind to behind games to Creighton and Nebraska. The Nebraska diversion harm a many since it happened during home. To make matters worse, star ensure and heading scorer Marcquise Reed suffered a sprained knee in a final diversion opposite St. Peter’s. Luckily a MRI did not exhibit any tears, yet Reed’s standing is a large doubt symbol for this weekend. If he plays during all, he won’t be during 100% and substantially won’t be means to hoop his common notation load.

Mississippi State enters this diversion during 7-1, despite opposite a flattering light schedule. The top rated group they have seen so distant is Arizona State, ranked during 45 in KenPom, and they mislaid that one. Their best wins are opposite St. Mary’s (64) and during Dayton (84). Still, this is a dangerous and means Bulldog group who projects to plea for an NCAA bid. The Tigers desperately need to brush a SEC foes before confronting a heartless opening widen of ACC play a good folks in Greensboro gifted. Anything outward of another NCAA bid for this year’s group would have to be deliberate a vital beating and step backwards. Brad Brownell has to say a certain movement final year supposing him and his program, generally with carrying such a comparison brimful team.

The group is unequivocally feeling a deficiency of Gabe DeVoe, who was always a hazard to strike 4-6 three’s in a game. Even on off nights, DeVoe drew complicated courtesy on a scouting news and helped space a floor. I’ve beheld some-more and some-more teams adjusting to try to container a paint vs. a Tigers and not worry as most about a 3 indicate shot. Clemson has finished zero to inhibit that proceed and is entrance off a pitiable 2-14 tour opposite St. Peter’s (who strike 10-21). Coach Brownell knows this some-more than anyone and has to be perplexing to find a right symbol to pull to get guys like Shelton Mitchell, Aamir Simms, and Hunter Tyson going. Clyde Trapp has stepped adult his diversion and would positively be a male to step into Reed’s mins depending on how those are affected. Reed has been unequivocally good from 2 yet has struggled to get his 3 indicate shot going. we don’t consider Reed needs to be counted on as a primary 3 indicate shooter in this offense anyway.

For those who roar “don’t fire so many 3’s” need to know usually how vicious a shot is in today’s game. The group was means to gaunt on Elijah Thomas to take out St. Peter’s, yet a ACC will have front lines too large and low for Thomas to browbeat unless a 3 indicate line has non-stop things up. It will be very, unequivocally tough sledding opposite Syracuse, for example, yet a viable fringe conflict over a arc. Trapp has been a best shooter in a final integrate of games yet isn’t removing many attempts. Tyson was recruited as a 3 indicate shooter and needs to start delivering when he gets some minutes.

Brownell has been a small snakebitten by injuries so distant this season. Thomas is usually starting to turn into figure and use regularly. Freshman large male Trey Jemison done his entrance on Tuesday yet is still a prolonged approach from being brought adult to speed after recuperating from an damage himself. Now Reed is confronting an harmed knee, yet Clemson fans breathed a critical whine of service when that MRI usually suggested a sprain. Losing Reed a approach a group mislaid Grantham final year would expected doom a group to NIT during best.

As for a Bulldogs, they have 5 guys now averaging double total (much like a Tigers did final year before Grantham was injured). The Weatherspoon brothers lead a approach and normal 16.4 and 11.3 points per game. They are unequivocally ensure oriented, yet large male Aric Holman puts adult 10 points and 8.9 rebounds a game. The Holman vs. Thomas conflict should go a prolonged approach to final how this diversion turns out. The Bulldogs are a clever descent resilient group and a Tigers are a clever defensive resilient team, so a conflict on a defensive potion is another thing to watch. The modernized stats uncover this to be dual unequivocally uniformly matched teams, most like what we saw before to a Nebraska game, and we expect this going down to a final dual minutes.

Right now, we consider things are some-more about Clemson than a opponent. Brownell plainly questioned his doing of guys like Aamir Simms in use and how most work Simms has put in before to his unequivocally still diversion on Tuesday. Simms creates a large disproportion when he’s putting adult a 10-14 points he was doing progressing and in a muster games. Clemson unequivocally needs him to recover that form, generally if Reed is incompetent to go in this game. Shelton Mitchell hasn’t been a same actor he was during a finish of final year so distant this year, in my opinion. we honestly consider he got badly outplayed by St. Peter’s Davauhnte Turner final time out. Mitchell is positively means of improved than a 0 assist, 4 turnover bid he put adult then. He will have to be most improved in this one confronting peculiarity guards like a Weatherspoons and Lamar Peters.

KenPom has a Bulldogs squeaking it out 69-68 and I’m substantially disposition to a Bulldog win in a 2-5 indicate operation during this time. we certainly wish I’m wrong and we start to see that loyal Clemson courage that was so clear with final year’s squad.

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