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How an Elite Kayaker Travels Around Europe

Now for what it is: a 2005 British-made flatbed truck, roughly 15 feet long, with a hand-crafted, green-roofed, wooden cabin fixed to a behind and hulk maple leaves embellished on a side.

Hayward christened her a Hobbit Van, after he motionless to put a turn immature doorway on a behind modeled on a opening to Bilbo Baggins’ house.

“You consternation what’s inside,” pronounced Edern Le Ruyet, a French canoeist, “then Ben opens a door.”

Hayward has been vital in a Hobbit Van given 2014, while holding a mangle from his design studies. During that time, he has driven it 23,000 miles, a homogeneous of around 8 trips between New York and Los Angeles. He visited 11 countries in a initial year alone, movement as distant easterly as Poland and Slovakia during 55 miles per hour.

“But we can get it adult to [75 mph] if I’ve got a tailwind and a small bit of a decline,” he said.

To many people, vital in a outpost down by a stream wouldn’t be an apparent choice while scheming for your initial Olympics. But it ideally solved a hurdles Hayward was facing. He indispensable to be closer to slalom kayaking’s chosen in Europe and means to pierce around a tip competitions there. He had to do it on a cheap, too.

Like many other Olympic sports but a form of basketball, tennis or high-level lane and field, a low-budget universe of canoeing mostly requires unusual problem-solving. The china medalist from a 2012 London Games, Vavrinec Hradilek, is roving to events by camper. Another opposition from New Zealand is appropriation his training by edition a cookbook.

The Hobbit Van seats adult to 7 people in a organisation cab and can ride 11 kayaks in a bedroom/kitchen/office/living room in a back. There isn’t room for most indoor plumbing, so Hayward relies on bathrooms outward a van.

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