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How did consoling Gold Star families turn political?

Matt Schlapp:

Look, we can contend it’s a question, though we can also contend it’s a charge, and a assign was that he is not fast adequate or mostly adequate job a families of those who have mislaid a desired one on a battlefield.

And what he was perplexing to contend is that that’s not accurate, and it’s not accurate to contend that all presidents do it a certain way, and, utterly frankly, it’s not accurate to contend that President Obama called all these families, that is what we saw with a instance of General Kelly and a detriment of his son.

So, look, presidents — we don’t impugn President Obama for a approach he rubbed his hit with these families. we don’t impugn President Trump with a approach he’s perplexing to console people. we don’t impugn President Bush, and we saw him do it. It’s a tough thing to do.

And, sometimes, by a way, those relatives give we a square of their mind, and that’s partial of this, too.

And we consider there should be a section of remoteness around this, and we consider what we’re doing is, we’re sullying a genuine — a executive concentration of this, that is a scapegoat of one American to put their physique and their lives to strengthen a rest of us.

Article source: https://www.pbs.org/newshour/show/consoling-gold-star-families-become-political